Privacy Policy


highwin not only creates information to serve users’ needs, but we also strive to protect users’ personal information. Currently, the collection of user information through the internet by user registration or through other methods such as user surveys, reward programs, etc., the problem of protecting users’ personal information use is very important and becomes more urgent than ever.

highwin to establish a Privacy Policy and we are committed to managing the website in the most serious way to ensure all users’ interests. And keep your information safe. Hope that users will always be satisfied with highwin’s service. At the same time, users also need to take measures to protect their personal information such as: Do not disclose personal information, do not modify it illegally and if you detect behaviors such as: Information leakage, eating, etc. stealing personal information, etc. ., please complain to highwin staff to take action.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is any information provided to highwin, which can be used to identify an individual or organization through: Full name, phone number, email, residential address, .. . or any other information to verify the fish or organization.

Collect personal information

When highwin collects users’ personal information through the internet, the publisher will follow the basic rules that such information is freely registered or provided by the user.

highwin will only collect personal information to the extent permitted to complete our information collection process and that purpose is stated very clearly and specifically. If the user does not want to provide the personal information that highwin requests, you can refuse. And the decision on this matter is entirely yours. If you refuse to provide information, you may not be able to receive some of the services offered by the website.

Purpose and limits of use of personal information

When highwin asks users to provide personal information, we will disclose the purpose of this collection process and the method of using information and proceed to collect it within the allowable limits.

The general rule limits the use of users’ personal information to the following purposes. Besides the possibility of using personal information for other purposes, it may be: Statistical data in the form.

Provide goods or services that users want.

– Improved service for users.

Provide information about goods or services to users.

Rules of not disclosing personal information to third parties

To ensure the safety of information for users, highwin commits not to disclose information to any third parties, except in the following cases:

– Users agree to disclose their information to third parties;

– User’s personal information is disclosed to the affiliated company. However, users can rest assured because we have an agreement on information security. And the collection of information is only for the purpose of collecting personal information.

– User’s personal information will be processed into statistical data and will not reveal the user’s identity.

– Laws requiring disclosure of information.

Use direct mail

highwin will not use the name, email address, physical address, etc. provided by the user except in the above cases for direct mailing activities without the user’s permission. However, in case the user has agreed at some point, highwin will use the email address you provided to send notifications about your account.

Consult, correct or delete personal information

If users want to edit or delete personal information that highwin currently owns, please contact the staff through the Q&A channel set up on the website. And after accurately verifying the identity of the requester, highwin will disclose or grant the right to correct or delete information to you in a timely manner.

Customer Support Center

If the user wants to check his information, please contact the staff to answer the user’s questions or contact directly on the website where the user has provided personal information.

If users do not know how to contact you or you want to ask questions related to personal information that you have provided yourself on the website, please use the question form.

Personal information management

The administrator of the highwin website maintains an extremely strict management of personal information collected from users. And the administrator will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized use or modification of such information. When terms of use are publicly posted on the website, these terms of use prevail over this Privacy Policy.

Processing of personal information

When a user asks a question or offers to provide a catalog, etc., the user will receive a request to log in personal information on highwin’s website. highwin is committed to protecting users’ personal information by: Implement security controls based on the Privacy Policy.

In addition to the above cases, users can use the website’s services without having to provide personal information.

Use web bugs

We use web beacons for the purpose of checking the frequency of specific website visits. And based on the data we have collected through the use of web beacons, we will use them to improve the website.

Use access log

When users use highwin’s website, access logs such as: IP address will be recorded. This information is collected for the purpose of tracking how often users visit the website. We do not use this information for any other purpose such as: Use to identify users, except for your authentication request.

Personal Information at Third Party Websites

highwin will not accept any responsibility for the collection of personal information at the websites of other entities referred to on the highwin website.

Other knowledge

Highwin website always tries and tries to protect the safety of users’ personal information. However, we can only secure information to the extent permitted, but cannot guarantee information security when information is transferred to highwin. Each user is solely responsible for the secure transmission of data.

highwin recommends that users take data security precautions when connecting to the internet. highwin may make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time. And the information will work when it is posted on highwin’s website.