Freeganism: Living free in Minnesota

To freegans, the world is ripe for the choosing. And there’s no price ticket on it. It’s an open, affirming option to reside, and, because the identify considerably clearly implies, it’s free.

So, what precisely is a freegan?

A “freegan,” which is a portmanteau of the phrases “free” and “vegan,” usually desires nothing to do with the rat race: There’s no must spend more cash on new issues when there’s many merchandise that go to waste day by day. It’s a merely philosophy, actually; certainly one of appreciating what has already been made as an alternative of working tirelessly to consistently purchase/personal/replace.

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In accordance with,

“Freegans are individuals who make use of different methods for dwelling primarily based on restricted participation within the standard financial system and minimal consumption of assets.”

It goes past condemning just a few unhealthy companies; it’s the system itself that’s the downside. It’s about rejecting capitalism, and extra importantly, consumerism. It’s in regards to the pleasure of being free, not tied to the newest this, that, or the opposite factor, and the reward of dwelling with out it.

It’s not about maintaining with the Joneses, it’s choosing up what the Joneses left behind.

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And it’s not unlawful. In accordance with the 1984 case California vs. Greenwood, the Supreme Court docket declared, “The Fourth Modification doesn’t prohibit the warrantless search and seizure of rubbish left for assortment outdoors the curtilage of a house.”

The mantra is, finally, don’t buy when you’ll be able to repurpose.

And it’s maybe the one actual antidote to affluenza; the time period used generally by critics of consumerism to explain the precise (psychological) illness/fatigue that comes the fixed want to purchase, purchase, purchase.

How does freeganism work in a state like Minnesota?

In Minnesota, the place winter climate could make it arduous to reside and not using a new coat or boots with out holes, a scorching meal or heat drink, it’s a lot tougher to fathom dwelling the freegan life.

That is the place the web might help. Websites like, talked about above, provide ideas, methods, and procedures. There’s a “Dumpster Listing,” for instance, that identifies the perfect dumpsters for locating meals, and the perfect occasions to search for it. (for the Minnesota chapter particularly click on right here) has information and knowledge on freegan communities all internationally. It’s about group. It’s about coming collectively.


(Native libraries have free entry to computer systems with web, and are open to everybody.)

And it’s additionally in regards to the do’s and don’ts of dwelling the freegan means. Etiquette is necessary to recollect: Dumpster diving throughout enterprise hours is taken into account impolite/intrusive. Plus, you’re extra more likely to have an indignant enterprise proprietor chasing you away and placing locks on dumpsters, fucking issues up for everybody. There aren’t guidelines, essentially, simply higher methods to go about dwelling the free life.

As a result of, at the least in the interim, that is the best way the world works.

However isn’t nearly meals (though that’s typically crucial, re: survival). Garments are thrown out earlier than they need to be, particularly round faculty campuses throughout dorm move-out time. Usable home equipment are tossed out as effectively; in the event you rummage via the dumpsters of Finest Purchase you’ll be able to even discover some tech or toys for your self for the prices of 1 good leap.

There’s an excessive amount of waste on the earth. Freegans are right here to wash up after the remainder of us.

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