How Much Electricity (kWh) Does a Garage Door Opener Use?

Storage door openers are a really useful gizmo, the place you possibly can with only a single click on open your storage and park the automotive with out leaving the automobile. However as storage doorways run on an electrical motor, the query arises as to how a lot electrical energy is definitely wanted to open or shut these doorways. On common, the opening takes about 10 seconds for a traditional storage door to open or shut.

Right here comes the query of how a lot truly electrical energy is used throughout that point, in addition to when the motor is in standby mode. So, is it price utilizing an electrical door and the way a lot kWh does it truly eat? On this article, we’ll reply this, and some extra questions which can be associated to this matter.

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How A lot Electrical energy Does a Storage Door Opener Use? Storage Door Openers on common use ¼ and ½ horsepower (HP). One storage door cycle (open/shut) consumes 0.001 kWh. By that we get the common price of electrical energy is 11.5 cents per 1 kWh. If we multiply 0.001 kWh x 11.5, we get 0.011 cents for each time we wish to open or shut storage doorways.

Conclusion: Little or no electrical energy (kWh) is used to open or shut the electrical storage doorways. Virtually nothing. Electrical storage doorways function only some minutes per day on common, so that they don’t use a lot of energy for open/shut. However there’s a catch; most storage doorways can take 3 to five instances extra power when they’re is stand by mode, in comparison with doorways after they work these couple of minutes per day.

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Relying on the kind of motor, two varieties of voltage are used: direct present (DC) or customary alternating present (AC). A DC motor consumes much less energy and offers higher velocity management. This lets you configure the gate motion extra precisely and easily, and the drive itself is much less noisy, which is essential in a non-public home.

Power Calculation of Storage Doorways Opener

Standby mode: Storage Doorways Standby mode consumes every day: 5W * 24h/day = 0.12kWh/day (common)

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Day by day Use mode: In operation mode sonsumes: 500W * 1min * 4 openings / day = 0.033kWh/day

In complete calculation: Approx. 4.6 KWh / month * 30 cent / KWh = 1.40 {Dollars}/month

How A lot Energy Storage Door Opener Burn In Standby Mode?

How a lot electrical energy the storage door opener will eat relies on the make and mannequin as for some other electrical gadget. When testing totally different fashions, the annual electrical energy consumption is from 15.8 kWh to 127 kWh on common, or between $2 to $16 per yr.

What components all depend upon how a lot electrical energy is required for storage doorways to open or shut? The dimension and weight of the storage door will eat extra electrical energy when opening/closing as a result of extra pressure is required and that consumes extra power than a small storage door system.

So, learn how to scale back power consumption? In relation to newer fashions, they’re designed to cut back energy consumption from 5 watts to 1 watt when they’re in standby mode. However in case you actually wish to minimize prices fully, then don’t use a storage door opener and also you received’t have any issues with that further consumption.

What To Do if There may be No Electrical energy on Storage Doorways?

Within the occasion of a energy failure, the electrical storage door opener additionally stops working. You don’t want to go away the automotive on the road or vice versa within the storage attributable to lack of energy. Your computerized door have to be outfitted with an unlocking gadget that permits you to open the storage door manually. On this case, the door has a mechanical unlocking operate, which may solely be operated from the within. If the storage doesn’t have a aspect door, we suggest an extra unlocking choice within the door leaf that’s secured with a lock. The storage door might be unlocked from the within with a cable.

Storage Door Opener With Battery Backup

There aren’t any issues with energy failures with storage door openers when you’ve got battery backup (UPS). These are significantly appropriate the place an uncomplicated connection to the mains energy just isn’t potential. Relying on utilization, the batteries must be charged about as soon as a month, and the charger is included. To make sure operation always, a second battery is really useful for emergencies. Additionally, among the best options is utilizing good energy strips with a photo voltaic panel system in your roof. This funding will repay in the long term.

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Tip: Earlier than deciding to retrofit the storage door operator, the suitability of the present door must be checked.

How do Storage Door Opener Work?

Electrical storage door openers ship a coded sign by radio to the receiver within the storage door operator, which response with a preset operate – specifically opening or closing the storage door. Completely different wave frequencies are used: the frequency 310, 315, or 390 MHz. In an effort to be certain that the sign just isn’t intercepted by burglars by code grabbing after which used, trendy methods observe a so-called roll or change code, which is modified after every operation of the transmitter. The codes are saved in a database that each sender and recipient have entry to.

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Motor Energy – What Is Essential?

When selecting a storage door opener system, select one the place the motor is ready to deal with the utilized pressure to open and shut the gate. It’s completely improper if the motor is consistently operating on the restrict of its capabilities, as this reduces the lifetime of the automation.

How Many Watts Does Storage Door Opener Pull?

As know-how evolves, newer storage door fashions deplete much less power than older fashions. At present most trendy door openers are between ¼ to ½ HP. Once we recalculate it, we’ve round 1,100 to 1,400 beginning watts. Electrical storage doorways are used on common for a few minutes every day, which is sort of negligible when taking a look at energy consumption.

How A lot Electrical energy Does a Home Use Per Day?

The extent of electrical energy consumption in a family relies upon primarily on the variety of residents. Consumption usually will increase with the variety of individuals – however not linearly to the identical extent as the rise in individuals. As well as, the quantity of consumption additionally relies on whether or not it’s a single-family home or an residence constructing . However in line with EIA in 2019, after we discuss for an common electrical energy price in United States, client use 10,4 kWh, what’s a median of 870 kWh/month. Once we flip that into days we get that common family electrical energy quantities 29 kWh per day.

Execs and Cons of Storage Door Openers:


With none shock, the benefit of {the electrical} system is its ease of use, which signifies that you do not need to go away your automobile to function together with your storage door. There may be additionally the massive benefit of having the ability to join your storage doorways to a house automation system. Thus, it will likely be potential to maintain the door open or closed throughout particular time slots. We’ll not even have to make use of a distant management to park our automobile.


The drawback of such a motorization is to require a extra advanced and dearer set up than for a guide door. The motorization has an incompressible value and its set up usually requires the intervention of an expert, which can be not negligible. As well as, the usage of this set up implies {an electrical} consumption which with out being huge will signify a tidy sum lowered to a decade of use.

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