2022 What Can I Use Instead Of Flour To Thicken Sauce?

On this temporary article, we’ll reply the query, “what can I exploit as a substitute of flour to thicken sauce?” and give you insights on how one can improve the flavour and texture of your sauces.

What can I exploit as a substitute of flour to thicken sauce?

Flour is crucial that you just may require as your cooking or baking particularly as a thickening ingredient. 

Flour will not be the one factor that can be utilized as a thickening agent. There are numerous different components that may be utilized for this.

The alternate options of flour embrace:

  1. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is among the greatest thickening brokers for sauces and soups and it’s used very broadly. It’s a white smooth powder that’s used so as to add a easy thick texture to any liquid.

It’s fairly difficult to make use of cornstarch since on this case, you don’t essentially have so as to add a number of it for a sauce to realize the thick consistency you’d need.

The best way to make use of it’s to not add a number of it without delay. If you’re coping with a sizzling sauce, you’ll want to be very cautious as a result of in case you add it without delay, the sauce will clump up and trigger lumps in it, ruining the precise consistency.

It’s best to dissolve a bit of cornstarch in some water or some milk and add it to the sauce gently and maintain stirring it on a low flame. 

It will make the sauce dissolve very simply and maintain it at a easy consistency. 

It’s to be famous that cornstarch does additional thicken the sauce as soon as it cools so that’s one thing that must be taken into consideration as effectively when placing it in.

  1. Tapioca starch

Tapioca starch, additionally referred to as tapioca flour, is a candy, gluten- and wheat-free powder. When baking fruit pies, you may go for immediate tapioca pearls or beads. 

The juice that seeps out from the cooked fruits shall be absorbed by the pearls, making a thick sauce. Tapioca pearls are additionally good for gravies. 

Some counsel in opposition to utilizing immediate tapioca pearls as a result of it might find yourself leaving little globs in your recipe, however in the end, it’s as much as your taste and texture preferences.

You’ll wish to use small pearls relatively than giant ones to keep away from having unabsorbed items of tapioca in your dish.

  1. Heavy Cream

When making creamy sauces like white sauce, alfredo sauce and even dishes like butter hen or one thing, including cream to it may make its consistency a bit thicker. 

That being stated, including cream usually won’t be the most suitable choice in some circumstances. The dairy content material may trigger some conflict within the consistency if there are specific parts concerned.

  1. Egg Yolks

Egg yolks comprise a lot of protein, which is able to thicken a sauce when heated. 

Relying on how thick you wish to make your sauce, you possibly can mess around with what number of yolks so as to add (however begin with one or two).

First, separate the egg yolks from the whites right into a bowl. To stop the yolks from scrambling into the sauce, you’ll wish to mood it.

Tempering is finished by whisking a small quantity of the recent sauce into the egg yolk, then including that combination again into the remainder of the sauce.

Egg yolks are particularly tasty in pasta sauces as a result of they add richness with out being clumpy. They’ll additionally thicken salad dressings, cream sauces and custards.

  1. Decreasing the Liquid

Analysis. Decreasing a sauce evaporates the water content material, so your sauce will get thick with out including any additional components. It additionally concentrates the flavour, which will be fascinating in some dishes.

The best way to scale back a liquid is to easily prepare dinner your sauce over medium warmth till the quantity seems diminished and the feel is as thick as you need it. 

You possibly can check it by coating the again of a spoon. Additionally, you will wish to make sure to season the sauce on the finish, in any other case it may style too salty if it reduces an excessive amount of.

Decreasing will make your sauce thick however not too thick or gloppy, so it’s a good technique for pan sauces and pasta sauces. Skip it for something with soy sauce or a lot of salt. 

Though discount is a good course of, it may turn out to be very time-consuming and unsure. If the water content material is simply too excessive, decreasing might be not the most effective factor to do.


On this temporary article, we answered the query, “what can I exploit as a substitute of flour to thicken sauce?” and supplied you with insights on how one can improve the flavour and texture of your sauces.


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