2022 What Are The Best Potatoes For Curry?

On this transient information, we are going to reply the query “ what are the perfect potatoes for curry?” with an in-depth evaluation of what are the perfect potatoes for curry?. Furthermore, we may also talk about what makes these potatoes appropriate for making curry.

What are the perfect potatoes for curry?

The highest six forms of potatoes are finest for making curry and different potato dishes.

  • Yellow Potatoes
  • Pink Potatoes
  • Russet Potatoes
  • White Potatoes
  • Fingerling Potatoes
  • Blue Potatoes (also referred to as purple potatoes)

Why are yellow potatoes utilized in making curry?

They’re potatoes with a yellow coloration. They’ve golden pores and skin and an inside. They’re a bit smaller than Russets however have a pure tendency to have the next quantity of vitamins. They’re identified to be a superior high quality selection that can be utilized for many recipes.

They’ve a decrease starch texture than the Russet however can nonetheless be used for any dish requiring Russets with out affecting the outcome. They’re thought of “all-purpose”, which signifies that you need to use them to cook dinner straightforward potato recipes like potato curry, mashed or baked potatoes. 

Sadly, the disadvantage with this sort is they have an inclination to rot sooner than Russets.

Kinds of yellow potatoes:

  • Yukon Gold
  • Yellow Finn
  • Golden

Why can you utilize purple potatoes for making potato dishes?

Pink potatoes have purple pores and skin, not like the yellow varieties and most of them have white flesh. The purple selection has a agency waxy texture, which makes them excellent for soups and scrumptious potato salads. They’ve a fairly good high quality however are inclined to get broken with ease. 

If you purchase them, be ready to make use of them as quick as you possibly can as they final even lower than yellow ones. Some folks like to cook dinner these potatoes with the pores and skin however for those who plan to do this wash them very totally.

Kinds of purple potatoes:

  • Mountain Rose
  • Pink Pontiac
  • Norland
  • Klondike Rose
  • Cranberry Pink

Why can you utilize russet potatoes for making curry and different potato dishes?

Russet potatoes are very fashionable, also referred to as Idaho Potatoes. They’re among the many most typical forms of potatoes. The Russet selection has brown, powerful pores and skin with white flesh and could be very excessive in starch. Usually they’re greater than the yellow and purple varieties. 

The Russets additionally last more than yellow and purple ones when stored within the correct circumstances (darkish, cool, and dry storage space). They’re thought of “much less fancy” than yellow and purple ones. Russets are nice to cook dinner mashed potatoes and likewise are good for baking and making curry.

Kinds of russet potatoes:

  • Russet Burbank (generally known as Idaho Potatoes)
  • German Butterball

Why can you utilize white potatoes for making curry and different potato dishes?

The white potato has a considerably related look to the Russet potato. They’ve mild brown pores and skin however are smaller with a rounder form. The pores and skin can be thinner than the Russet. The white potato selection is extra of a general-purpose potato just like the yellow kind (not too starchy not too waxy). This makes them excellent to be used in making potato dishes and recipes.

A majority of these potatoes get broken very simply they usually get ailments extra usually than all different varieties so if you wish to use them hold that in thoughts.

Kinds of white potatoes:

What makes fingerling potatoes helpful for making curry and different potato dishes?

The fingerling potato is one other standard selection. They’re known as “fingerling” on account of their form resembling fingers. These potatoes are very small in comparison with the opposite varieties and could be a bit dear. If you wish to put together a elaborate potato dish they’ll come in useful.

Their pores and skin is available in a number of completely different colours like yellow or purple and their flesh also can range the identical method. The pores and skin is usually skinny, which makes it straightforward for folks to cook dinner them with out peeling. They don’t seem to be the popular kind to create massive meals however they’ll do the trick for those who want a aspect dish.

Kinds of fingerling potatoes:

  • French Fingerling
  • Austrian Crescent
  • Russian Banana

What makes blue potatoes helpful for making curry and different potato dishes?

They’re among the many most curious forms of potatoes. Their coloration is because of their excessive antioxidant content material. This offers them an edge over different potato varieties when it comes to vitamin. In different phrases, you possibly can say blue potatoes present barely extra well being advantages than the others.

Blue potatoes are superb if you wish to create eye-catching dishes. Their coloration can do wonders, particularly when utilized in potato salads. Their starch content material is taken into account medium, which suggests they are often cooked in most methods with out a downside.

Kinds of blue potatoes:

  • Russian Blue
  • All Blue
  • Purple Peruvian
  • Purple Majesty


On this transient information, we’ve answered the query “ what are the perfect potatoes for curry?” with an in-depth evaluation of what are the perfect potatoes for curry?. Furthermore, we’ve additionally mentioned what makes these potatoes appropriate for making curry.

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