2022 How To Tell If A Cut Watermelon Has Got Spoilt?

On this transient information, we are going to reply the query, “ inform if a lower watermelon has obtained spoilt?” and strategies to retailer in addition to to detect spoilt watermelon.

inform if a lower watermelon has obtained spoilt?

You possibly can inform when a lower watermelon has gone spoilt by checking for molds and soggy spots. Water-melon that appears discolored or has a slimy texture must be prevented as properly.

detect spoilt watermelon?

  • Test the perfect by date or expiration date of the pre-cut watermelon. If the watermelon has been previous the expiry date, keep away from consuming them.
  • White, inexperienced, or black spots outdoors the watermelon are indications of mildew development.
  • A superb watermelon ought to have a striped inexperienced coloration or inexperienced shade.
  • The within of watermelon ought to have a pinkish or reddish coloration. Sure styles of watermelon have an orangish or yellowish coloration as properly.
  • Keep away from consuming watermelon that has a slimy, gritty, or mushy texture.
  • Keep away from consuming watermelon that smells bitter or tangy.
  • Watermelon ought to have a candy style. Keep away from consuming watermelons which have a bitter style.
  • Keep away from consuming watermelon having a yellow rind as it’s an indicator of the presence of nitrates.
  • Purchase watermelons containing a firmer rind a moist texture.

How lengthy does precut watermelon final?

Eat precut watermelon in per week. It may final within the fridge for 3 to 5 days. Don’t devour refrigerated pre-cut watermelon after two weeks.

retailer precut watermelon?

  • Minimize watermelon must be saved in an air-tight container. You can too place the precut watermelon in a resealable bag or wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. This prevents the watermelon from catching a powerful odor of every other meals stored within the fridge.
  • Retailer within the fridge at a temperature of 55 to 70℉. Refrigeration although can cut back the dietary worth of the watermelon.
  • Use freezer luggage in case you plan to freeze the watermelon.
  • You can too strive pickling the pre-cut items. You possibly can add vinegar, sugar, and lemon juice to the items. Boil the components and add them to the slices. Organize the slices in jars. Seal the jars and permit them to chill.
  • You can too retailer the watermelon items within the type of jelly. Simmer the watermelon juice until it obtains a thicker consistency. Add pectin and sweetener as properly.

Are you able to freeze precut watermelon?

Sure, you may freeze precut watermelon although it’s normally not advisable. Be sure to retailer them in an air-tight bundle or container. Minimize watermelon may keep within the freezer for at the very least 9 to 10 months. Thawing although can cut back the colour and style of the watermelon.

You should use frozen watermelon in smoothies. For smoothies, you may take away the seeds of the precut watermelon and lower the precut slices into cubes. Switch them into aluminum foils and freeze them. 

When the cubes turn into frozen, you may switch them onto freezer luggage and use them on your smoothies.

You can too use frozen precut watermelon for getting ready fruit-infused water. For this, take away the rinds of the precut watermelon and put them into water. You possibly can take away the seeds of the watermelon in case you like.

You possibly can then wrap them in a baking sheet with aluminum foil and freeze them. As soon as frozen, shift them into freezer luggage.

Different FAQs about watermelon which you’ll be keen on.

Can precut watermelon be dehydrated?

Sure, you may dehydrate pre-cut watermelon. You would need to separate the rinds from the flesh of the watermelon first. Utilizing a dehydrator, modify the temperature and dry the watermelon. Dehydration although is a for much longer course of and it might take at the very least 24 hours for the watermelon to dehydrate.

Does entire watermelon last more than precut watermelon?

Sure, the entire watermelon has an extended shelf-life than the precut watermelons. Complete watermelons can keep at room temperature for 7-8 days whereas precut watermelon must be instantly refrigerated or consumed and can’t last more than two hours at room temperature. 

Don’t preserve lower watermelons at a temperature of 41 to 135℉ for lengthy. The entire watermelon can even final for 2-3 weeks within the fridge whereas lower watermelons can final for less than 3-5 days within the fridge.

Is it secure to devour pre-cut watermelon?

The consumption of the entire watermelon is advisable than pre-cut watermelon. It is because the precut watermelon can get spoilt simply and if correct practices should not adopted whereas chopping the watermelon, it may possibly result in the contamination of the watermelon. You possibly can learn extra on this right here.


On this transient information, we have now answered the query, “ inform if a lower watermelon has obtained spoilt?” and strategies to retailer in addition to to detect spoilt watermelon.

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