2022 How To Know If Watermelon Is Spoiled

On this article, we’ll briefly focus on easy methods to know if watermelon is spoiled, the article may also speak about a number of the methods to retailer watermelon. 

Easy methods to know if watermelon is spoiled?

Watermelon will lose all its juice and ripe texture when it’s spoiled, changing into a jelly that’s troublesome to eat and in addition disagreeable to scent. These are a number of the apparent indicators to look out for when you may have a half-cut watermelon. 

It’s relatively simple to examine if a half-cut watermelon is spoiled or not as a result of you may see the flesh of the fruit. More often than not, the jelly is kind of seen with a really dry texture and typically even molds rising on the floor.

Indicators that the watermelon is spoiled 

To examine whether or not a complete watermelon is spoiled or not could be a bit difficult, so have in mind to examine the next issues when you find yourself out to purchase one.

  1. Darkish spots 

When you discover any darkish spots on the skin or the shell of the watermelon then it’s an indicator that the fruit will get spoiled very quickly. As an alternative, it ought to have darkish inexperienced and pink altering shades which is a promising characteristic of recent fruit.

  1. Broken exterior

A dent on the skin may appear innocent and even the seller would possibly inform you that it’s nothing but when the skin is broken, then it’s almost certainly that the fruit inside shouldn’t be good too. 

  1. Odor it for just a few seconds

This could be a brand new one as watermelons normally haven’t any scent however solely a tough outer shell. This isn’t the case, you may really get a candy whiff if you scent the outer shell for just a few seconds or you’re going to get a moldy scent. 

  1. Don’t get a dry watermelon

Spoiled or close to to being spoiled watermelons have a really dry outer shell and oftentimes additionally, you will discover cracks that can affirm that the fruit shouldn’t be recent in any respect. A dry watermelon may also have its flesh separating from its rind. 

How lengthy are you able to retailer it for?

It’s higher to devour watermelon inside 5 days of shopping for it and if you wish to ensure that a pre-cut watermelon is recent or not then lower a bit piece to style it. The style will just about inform you the whole lot!

An uncut watermelon is nice to go for greater than every week whether it is saved exterior at room temperature.As this fruit is a summer time particular, they will endure the extreme warmth and can nonetheless be juicy and ripe. 

When you, nevertheless, lower a watermelon to retailer it contained in the fridge, then be sure that to eat it inside 3 days. Will probably be recent as new contained in the cool, dry atmosphere of a fridge.

Need to lengthen the shelf lifetime of watermelon?

One of the simplest ways to lengthen the freshness of a watermelon is to chop it and refrigerate in hermetic luggage or packing containers. Air tight packing containers are an enormous success as a result of they keep the freshness of the fruit whereas conserving it in a totally moisture-free atmosphere.

Freezing watermelons

Sure, you may freeze watermelons to extend their shelf life however just remember to take away the seeds and lower the watermelon correctly earlier than you freeze it. You possibly can then use it to make juices as a result of consuming a frozen watermelon can be troublesome in your enamel.

Finest-before date

Some watermelons include a best-before date that can show you how to resolve which fruit to purchase and whether or not it’s recent or not. You possibly can additional guarantee its freshness by checking for the indicators which might be listed above. 

Don’t devour spoiled watermelon

The freshness of a watermelon will depend on how lengthy it was positioned in a grocery store. If a pre-cut watermelon is positioned for too lengthy, it’s doable that molds will begin to develop on its floor or it’s going to have a really foul scent. Consuming such fruit will be dangerous for well being.

Discoloration signifies that the fruit was lower and positioned at room temperature for too lengthy which resulted in reactions that led to a darkish jelly like coloration. It tastes like spoiled jelly and has the looks of a slime. 

So now you understand how to purchase a watermelon even when it isn’t lower and nonetheless get a recent one. For the pre-cut ones, you may simply depend on your sight and scent to get you juicy and recent fruit.


On this article, we briefly mentioned easy methods to know if watermelon is spoiled, the article additionally talked about a number of the methods to retailer watermelon. 

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