2022 How To Drink Non-homogenized Milk?

On this article, we are going to reply the query “Methods to drink non-homogenized milk?”, and the way is the milk homogenized?

Methods to drink non-homogenized milk?

Homogenized milk has a fats or cream layer on prime of it. If you wish to drink full fats milk, you possibly can simply shake the milk to disperse the fats layer or use a spoon to stir it in and drink. Alternatively, chill the milk within the fridge in a single day. The fats will choose the highest within the type of cream. Take away this cream and drink the leftover pores and skin milk.

  • The cream that you simply simply faraway from the milk shouldn’t be wasted. It’s wealthy in fat and flavors. Attributable to its creaminess, it may be added to espresso or tea so as to add a wealthy velvety texture to the beverage.
  • It will also be used to make cheese, yogurt, ice cream, whipped cream, or different dairy-based meals like ghee at house or in elegant eating places.
  • If you happen to like consuming it because it, unfold it in your toast, sprinkle some sugar or drizzle some maple syrup or honey and revel in. This can be a good option to get pleasure from toast slightly than the common butter. Butter is definitely cream which is made by churning and whipping cream.
  • In case you are a cereal individual, add some cream to your morning cereal for a lift of richness, creaminess and taste. 
  • Sweeten cream utilizing your favourite sweetener and dip contemporary berries and benefit from the candy and tangy taste of this scrumptious mixture.

What’s homogenization?

Homogenization is a mechanical remedy that makes use of warmth to evenly distribute the fats globules all through the milk. With out homogenization, a thick cream involves the highest of milk. Homogenized milk has a extra white, creamy, and clean texture. Industrial homogenization started within the nineteenth century.

Previous to homogenization, the fats was distributed by shaking the milk vigorously. Furthermore, it had a fats content material starting from 3-8%. After the idea of milk homogenization was launched, a typical for the milk fats content material was launched i.e 3.25%. Homogenized milk has a richer texture than homogenized milk and a sweeter taste.

How is milk homogenized?

  1. Homogenization of milk entails two levels:
    The fats globules are pressured to interrupt down into smaller particles by squeezing the milk with excessive stress by tiny holes. At this stage, milk undergoes a stress of two,000-3,000 kilos per sq. inch, on common. Some machines would possibly apply stress as excessive as 14,500 psi.
  2. The second stage entails breaking the clumps of the damaged fats globules which type after they accumulate casein and whey protein of their cell partitions after they reassemble. This step is known as homogenization. It breaks up the fats clumps and distributes them evenly all through the milk.

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Is homogenized milk wholesome?

Execs of homogenized milk

  • Homogenization supplies the next advantages.
  • Homogenized milk can final 11 days even with out pasteurization. The cream that involves the highest of non-homogenized milk causes fat to oxidize resulting in quicker milk spoilage.
  • Homogenized milk has a smoother, creamier white, and even look. Because of the evenly distributed fats globules, it’s simpler to drink.
  • The even distribution of fats in homogenized milk makes it simpler to work with throughout cooking. It makes positive the fats and protein don’t separate when uncovered to cooking temperatures.

Cons of homogenized milk

Following are among the cons of homogenized milk.

  • The smaller fats globules are extra simply digested within the intestine. This could result in coronary heart ailments. Though this principle has not been confirmed but, it’s higher to keep away from high-fat homogenized milk in case you undergo from coronary heart issues.
  • Homogenization breaks down different vitamins of the milk, not simply fats. This reduces the dietary worth of the homogenized milk.

Backside line

Each homogenized and non-homogenized milk have their execs and cons. The cons of homogenized milk can’t overweigh the professionals. Due to this fact, it comes down to private choice. When you have an underlying well being difficulty associated to the center, skip homogenized milk as a precautionary measure. If you don’t just like the uneven fats content material of the non-homogenized milk in ingesting or whereas cooking, go for its homogenized counterpart.

Recipes to make with milk cream

Cream is commonly added to soups, stews, curries and gravies to thicken and add a wealthy mouthfeel attributable to its excessive fats content material. Following are among the recipes that use cream.

Rooster Malai Seekh Kabab

Stuffed Malai Kofta

Tacky mushroom stroganoff pasta bake

Gradual-cooker creamy potato and leek soup

Cheat’s slow-cooker rooster laksa

Creamy Wild Mushroom One-Pot Pasta


On this article, we answered the query “Methods to drink non-homogenized milk?”, and the way is the milk homogenized?



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