2022 How Long Does Distilled Water Last? (+3 Steps)

On this article, we are going to reply the query “How lengthy does distilled water final?”, and the best way to inform If the distilled water is unhealthy?

How lengthy does distilled water final?

On common, 3-5 years is the shelf lifetime of the unopened bottles of distilled water. If saved accurately, water can be good for months previous this estimated date. Learn the label to get a extra shut estimate of the shelf-life. 

After opening, It’s finest to drink the water inside 5-7 days. If you’ll be used the opened container of water for dwelling or storage home equipment, the water can be good to make use of for 9-12 months. 

Bottled distilled water (unopened) 5+ years 
Bottled distilled water (opened, for equipment use) 1+ years 
Bottled distilled water (opened, for ingesting) 4-7 days 
Residence-distilled water 4-7 days 

Can distilled water go unhealthy?

We all know that distilled water shouldn’t be made for ingesting functions. It’s generally used for family home equipment and for filling electrolytes in a battery. In case you’re questioning, distilled water is protected for consumption however you can’t fully depend on it.

Distilled Water Doesn’t Expire.

How you can inform if distilled water is unhealthy?

It’s not visually doable to inform If the distilled water is unhealthy or not. If It has been saved open for days then It’s extremely more likely to have change into contaminated with mud and different impurities however It stays fully fantastic for use for dwelling home equipment and different associated duties. As in comparison with faucet or bottled water, It’s nonetheless very clear.

An open container of water saved for an prolonged time period helps the expansion of algae. should you can visually inform that algae are current within the water, both within the type of sediment or If It’s floating over the water floor, discard the water as It’s of no good use.

Typically, water saved brazenly for a very long time begins to provide off an off odor. To detect this odor, pour some water right into a glass and odor It. If there’s something off concerning the odor, discard the water.

How you can retailer distilled water?

If you happen to plan on storing the distilled water for an prolonged time period, selected a glass or HDPE container for preserving its freshness. Maintain the container in a cool place away from direct warmth from daylight or range.

The issue with plastic containers is that they may leech sure undesirable chemical compounds into the water over a time period. 

Subsequently, a lot of the industries go together with HDPE containers for protecting the distilled water pure. If you happen to intention to maintain the water round for a brief length, a plastic container shouldn’t be a foul thought for storage. 

To maintain the distilled water as pure as doable, all the time seal the container after use. Secondly, protecting the water container in a darkish space will forestall the expansion of algae. Thirdly, as mentioned above, the cool storage space is necessary to maintain the microbes at bay.

The dangers of consuming contaminated distilled water 

Distilled water is made for use for family home equipment and in cars. It helps in defending the steel elements of those home equipment in opposition to corrosion. It’s not beneficial to depend on distilled water solely to satisfy the water demand of your physique. 

That is important minerals like potassium, calcium, and sodium are absent in distilled water. Furthermore, distilled water has a bland style. 

In keeping with the EPA, ingesting contaminated distilled water can result in nerve harm and pores and skin discoloration. Decrease doses of chemically contained water enhance the danger of most cancers over a time period. 

Consuming distilled water contaminated with pathogens could cause diarrhea, headache, abdomen ache, fever, and even kidney failure in some critical instances. If you happen to see any sedimentation and cloudiness within the distilled water, It ought to higher be discarded.

Are you able to freeze distilled water?

Sure, you’ll be able to freeze distilled water. It’s the similar as freezing pure or faucet water. The speed of freezing is dependent upon the presence and the variety of impurities current. 

Subsequently, the freezing level of distilled water isn’t any totally different than pure water. Observe the steps beneath If you wish to freeze distilled water or faucet or bottled water.

  • To start with, the water must be transferred to good high quality plastic bottles or containers.
  • Then lay down the plastic bottles into the freezer.
  • Now go away It undisturbed and let the freezer do its job.


On this article, we answered the query “How lengthy does distilled water final?”, and the best way to inform If the distilled water is unhealthy?




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