2022 How Long Do Dried Bay Leaves Last?

On this article, we are going to reply the query “How lengthy do dried bay leaves final?”, and learn how to use bay leaves?

How lengthy do dried bay leaves final?

An unopened bundle of dried bay leaves lasts about 3 months within the spice drawer. They are going to be much less potent previous this time however nonetheless secure to make use of. 

Dry bay leaves will maintain their perfume for over a 12 months if saved within the freezer accurately. Contemporary bay leaves solely final 2-3 weeks within the recent and a few 12 months within the freezer.

Storing bay leaves 

Within the fridge 

First, submerge the bay leaves in a bowl of chilly water. Swirl the leaves within the water to take away the floor mud and grime. 

Empty the bowl right into a colander and unfold the leaves onto a paper towel. Pat dry the higher floor of those delicate leaves utilizing some extra paper towels. 

Switch the utterly dried right into a resealable bag or an air-tight container. Proceed to refrigeration. If the leaves will not be dried correctly, the residual moisture will set off rot. Mildew will develop and the leaves will change into slimy.

Within the spice drawer 

Dried bay leaves will be saved within the spice drawer like different dried herbs. The one situation is to maintain the dried leaves away from moisture, mild, and oxygen. 

This implies you need to maintain the dried leaves in an air-tight jar For those who plan to retailer them within the spice drawer or at room temperature.

The sunshine or warmth damages the chlorophyll of bay leaves, turning them brown while weakening their efficiency. Bay leaves usually are available in an air-tight glass jar packaging. 

If the packaging shouldn’t be air-tight, as within the case of paper packaging, switch the bay leaves right into a freezer bag or jar.

Within the freezer 

The leaves will lose their efficiency at a quicker tempo if saved at room temperature/spice drawer. Your greatest wager is to free the leaves to protect the flavour.

Ice dice tray: On this methodology of freezing, you fill the ice dice tray with leaves and drizzle the leaves with some oil. 

Pre-freeze the leaves to solidify them. Then switch the frozen leaves onto a ziplock bag, put a label on it and chuck it into the freezer.

Freezer bag: Fill a freezer bag with bay leaves and toss them with 2 tbsp of oil. Take away the surplus oil and air from the bag. Label the bag and chuck it into the freezer.

What occurs if you happen to devour expired bay leaves?

Consuming expired bay leaves might end in gentle meals poisoning. Chances are you’ll really feel nauseated or expertise diarrhea, headache, abdomen aches, and lack of urge for food. 

These signs are often gentle and vanish in a few days. If these signs persist for greater than 2 days, contact your well being advisor. 

The best way to inform If the bay leaves have gone dangerous?

Moist leaves: Moisture doesn’t belong within the bay leaves a bundle. For those who discover any, eliminate the leaves instantly. The moisture harbors microbes and triggers rot. Slimy and moldy leaves are the end result.

Too dry: If the dried bay leaves are too dry that they begin to disintegrate once you press them, they’re of no use. Too crumbly bay leaves are dangerous leaves.

Mildew: Mildew shouldn’t be frequent in bay leaves except uncovered to moisture. Mildew progress may be very apparent and you’ll know when to discard the leaves.

Scent: If saved for too lengthy within the spice drawer, bay leaves will merely lose their aroma. Such leaves will not be dangerous ones however they received’t impart the identical taste to your dish. You should use a couple of leaf in your dish for compensation. 

Folks might ask if Can bay leaves kill you?

The best way to use bay leaves?

Bay leaves are nice insect and pest repellants. It’s best if you happen to use unused bay leaves for this objective since they’ve a powerful perfume. However the used bay leaves may even do. Place the bay leaves within the rice, pasta, or flour storage containers. 

Use the bay leaves in inventory or tea to extract its vitamins into the concoction. Make a selfmade fragrant present by bundling the bay leaves with cinnamon sticks. You would add them in curries for a delicate taste.


On this article, we answered the query “How lengthy do dried bay leaves final?”, and learn how to use bay leaves?

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