2022 How Long Can You Leave Raw Meat In The Fridge?

On this article, we’ll reply the query “How lengthy can you permit uncooked meat within the fridge?”, and learn how to safely retailer and thaw uncooked meat?

How lengthy can you permit uncooked meat within the fridge?

It needs to be famous that frozen meats will final indefinitely offered the temperature is maintained at 0 °F or under. The next time frames point out peak high quality. 

Meals  Kind  Fridge(40 °F or under) Freezer(0 °F or under)
Sizzling canine  Opened package deal Unopened package deal  1 week2 weeks  1-2 months1-2 months 
Luncheon meat  Opened package deal or deli-slicedUnopened package deal  3-5 days 
2 weeks 
1-2 months
1-2 months
Bacon and sausage  Bacon 
Sausage, uncooked, from hen, turkey, pork, or beef
Sausage, absolutely cooked, from hen, turkey, pork, or beef
Sausage bought frozen 
1 week 
1-2 days 

1 week 

After cooking, 3-4 days

1 month
1-2 months 

1-2 months 

1-2 months from date of buy

Hamburger, floor meats, and floor poultry Hamburger, floor beef, turkey, hen, different poultry, veal, pork, lamb, and mixtures of them 1-2 days  3-4 months 
Contemporary beef, veal, lamb, and pork Steaks Chops Roasts  3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days  4-12 months4-12 months4-12 months 
Ham  Contemporary, uncured, raw
Contemporary, uncured, cooked
Cured, cook-before-eating, raw
Totally-cooked, vacuum-sealed on the plant, unopenedCooked, store-wrapped, entire
Cooked, store-wrapped, slices, half, or spiral lower
Nation ham, cooked
Canned, labeled “Maintain Refrigerated,” unopened
Canned, shelf-stable, opened
Prosciutto, Parma or Serrano ham, dry Italian or Spanish kind, lower
3-5 days 

3-4 days 

5 to 7 days or “use by” date

2 weeks or “use by” date
1 week 

3-5 days 

1 week
6-9 months 

3-4 days 

2-3 months 

Finest practices for storing meat 

Freezing prolongs the shelf-life of any sort of meat or meat leftovers. It’s because the exercise of enzymes, micro organism, molds, and yeasts decelerate at such low temperatures. 

The standard of the frozen meat additionally relies upon upon the preliminary high quality of the meat. Be sure you purchase good high quality meat and freeze it earlier than the fridge lifetime of the meat package deal is elapsed. 

Your greatest wager is to spend money on vacuum-sealer luggage for freezing meat. Nonetheless, utilizing heavy-duty freezer luggage additionally yields good outcomes. 

It’s best in case you freeze the meat in its unique packaging. For added safety, wrap the unique package deal of meat in a wrap of plastic or foil. 

It’s endorsed to refrigerate canned and stuffed meats as a substitute of freezing them because of higher outcomes. Equally, meats ready with mayonnaise, cream sauces, and veggies like lettuce shouldn’t be refrigerated. 

Finest thawing practices 

The most secure technique to thaw any sort of meat is to go away it in a single day within the fridge. Meat that’s thawed utilizing this technique is secure for refreezing. Place the meat package deal on a plate or dish earlier than popping it within the fridge for defrosting. 

This may catch the meat drippings. Nonetheless, in case you thaw the meat on the counter, within the microwave, or underneath chilly working water, prepare dinner it immediately.

Thawing the meat on the counter shouldn’t be really helpful because of issues of safety. Use a leak-proof plastic bag to defrost the meat underneath chilly water. 

Why you must place the meat on the underside shelf of the fridge?

Except your fridge has a particular meat drawer, you must at all times put your meat on the underside shelf of the fridge. It’s because you do not need any of the meat drippings to infect the meals under. So placing the meat on the bottom shelf helps forestall cross-contamination. 

How do you make uncooked meat last more within the fridge?

The low temperatures of the fridge decelerate the enzyme exercise and the proliferation fee of the microbes. 

In case your fridge is damaged and the within of the fridge fails to attain this temperature, you can’t assure the security of uncooked meat. 

Use a sweet thermometer, a glass kitchen thermometer, or the in-built thermometer of the fridge to accurately gauge the temperature. 

A straightforward strategy to test the temperature of your fridge is to put a thermometer in a bowl stuffed with water and depart it within the fridge for 8 hours. 

Can you permit uncooked meat uncovered within the fridge?

To keep away from cross-contamination, uncooked meat ought to by no means be refrigerated uncovered. Furthermore, uncooked meat has a definite odor that may simply unfold and malign the odor of different meals merchandise in your fridge. Uncooked meat can even decide up odors. The underside line is to by no means depart uncooked meat unguarded within the fridge. 


On this article, we answered the query “How lengthy can you permit uncooked meat within the fridge?”, and learn how to safely retailer and thaw uncooked meat?

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