2022 How Long Can You Keep A Frosted Cake In The Fridge?

On this article, we’ll reply the query “How lengthy can you retain a frosted cake within the fridge?”, and the best way to refrigerate and freeze a frosted cake?

How lengthy can you retain a frosted cake within the fridge?

An uncut cake with buttercream, fondant, or ganache frosting will keep recent for as much as 5 days at steady room temperature. To guard the cake, it should be surrounded by a cake keeper or a bowl. 

However, a lower cake will preserve for 4 days at a steady room temperature. It, too, ought to be lined by a cake keeper or a bowl. 

That is true solely when the uncovered components of the lower sponge are wrapped with plastic or lined in frosting. This may block the air from coming into and moisture from leaving the cake, thus, holding it recent for longer. 

In case your cake goes steak regardless of all of the hustle to soundly retailer it. You do not want to panic. You may crumble the cake and mix it with some frosting. Form this combination into balls and dip them into melted chocolate for a coating. Chill and revel in!

Find out how to refrigerate frosted truffles?

Room temperature storage is barely really helpful throughout chilly months when the temperature is cool on a regular basis. This makes refrigeration a should in the course of the summer time months. 

That is additionally necessary you probably have a small kitchen and the cake can’t be shielded from the warmth that escapes throughout all of the cooking. 

A cake with a fruit topping or whipped and buttercream frosting should be refrigerated. Chill the frosted cake within the fridge, with its cowl eliminated, for at the very least quarter-hour. 

When the frosting units and hardens, wrap the cake with plastic and canopy with a cake keeper. Let the cake come to room temperature earlier than serving by letting it sit on the counter for half-hour.

Find out how to freeze a cake?

The shelf-life and the way nicely a cake freezes largely depend on its kind of frosting. Learn under to learn how to efficiently freeze truffles with completely different icings.

Fondant and buttercream icing 

Fondant and buttercream are nice methods to scale back the air publicity of the cake sponge. This results in a protracted shelf-life even at a steady room temperature. All you’ll want to do is to maintain the cake lined in a cool place. In order that no mud will get to it.

Cream cheese frosting 

Cream cheese and whipped cream frosting won’t tolerate heat temperatures. Their structural integrity might be misplaced and you’ll be left with one thing that solely seems to be like a cake. 

Your greatest wager is to retailer the sponge and the frosting individually. This manner you may embellish the cake with recent frosting each time you’re able to devour it.


Ganache, like fondant-style frosting, is kind of steady.  It’s going to preserve its recent within the fridge for as much as every week. The plus level is that it additionally freezes nicely which implies truffles embellished with ganache may be frozen for months. 

Nonetheless, this doesn’t apply to water-based ganache, which can increase and kind ice crystals when frozen. It’s going to wreck the feel of the sponge upon thawing. 

Find out how to defrost your cake?

Stick the wrapped truffles within the fridge and allow them to thaw for at the very least 8 hours. Thawing on the counter is quick however it’s not really helpful. Take the frozen frosting out and add some milk to it. Whip the frosting at excessive pace to redeem its fluffiness. 

Find out how to frost a layer cake?

  1. Garb a plate on which you’ll be inserting your cake layers. The late ought to be bigger than the cake. 
  1. Lower parchment paper into 4 strips. The strips ought to be giant sufficient to sit down throughout the sides of the plate with their edges protruding as flanges.
  1. Set the strips on the plate such that every one of them are perpendicular to one another. Then place the primary sponge layer.
  1. Prime the primary layer with 1/3 to 1/2 cup frosting, leaving ¼ inch of the cake edges.
  1. Then comes the second layer of sponge on high of the primary, with its rounded facet going through you. Unfold a skinny layer of frosting on the edges of those two layers. This shall seal the cake crumbs.
  1. Add extra frosting in order that the highest rim is about ¼ inch thick. Make swirls of the frosting utilizing your knife. Fastidiously slide off the paper strips by grabbing their flanged edges.


On this article, we answered the query “How lengthy can you retain a frosted cake within the fridge?”, and the best way to refrigerate and freeze a frosted cake?

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