2022 How Long Can You Freeze Meatballs?

On this article, we’ll reply the query “How lengthy are you able to freeze meatballs?”, and freeze and thaw meatballs?

How lengthy are you able to freeze meatballs?

Cooked meatballs will preserve secure indefinitely if stored at a gradual temperature of 0°F. Nevertheless, they’re finest used inside 3-4 months of freezing for peak high quality. Uncooked metaballs are finest consumed inside 1-2 months of freezing. 

Tips on how to freeze meatballs? 

Freezing uncooked meatballs

Forming the balls 

Roll the meat into balls, not too massive, not too small. Too massive balls will clump and freeze into a much bigger meat lump, which might be troublesome to work with. The dimensions of a ping pong ball is a really correct measure.

Unfold the meatballs on a baking tray 

Line a baking tray with parchment paper or foil, or grease it with a cooking spray or butter. Do each in the event you like. 

Unfold the meatballs onto the tray in a single layer such that the balls are at a distance of 1 inch from one another.


Slide the tray into the freezer and pre-freeze the meatballs. Meatballs can simply get squished throughout freezing. So lookout for any accidents of this type. On common, meatballs will take about 5 hours to completely freeze.

Switch to an air-tight container 

Toss the frozen meatballs into an air-tight container. Be certain that the lid of the container has a decent seal.

Safely thaw the meatballs

Depart the meatballs at room temperature for 2-4 hours or till absolutely defrosted. Add the thawed meatballs within the stew for boiling or steam-cook them in a gradual cooker or stress cooker. Frying on the range or baking within the oven are additionally nice choices.

Freezing cooked meatballs 

Cook dinner the meatballs as per the recipe card. Add some additional grease whereas cooking for style and high quality retention after thawing. Be certain that the meatballs are brown and barely crispy from the surface.

Let the meatballs cool fully

It is going to take not less than 7-10 minutes for the meatballs to chill fully. You will need to let the steam escape so it doesn’t get trapped contained in the container throughout freezing. 

This additionally enhances the freezing effectivity. Coover the meatball with a serviette whereas it cools. 

Label and freeze 

Put the cooked and cooled meatballs into an air-tight container or a heavy-duty freezer bag. Put a transparent label on no matter freezing medium you select. 

This can let you know the way lengthy the meatballs have been frozen. It additionally helps you follow inventory rotation and allows you to distinguish between the frozen merchandise, which could be exhausting typically.

Reheat the meatballs safely 

The prior cooking step eliminates the necessity for thawing. You may straight pop the frozen and cooked meatballs into the oven, gradual cooker, or within the skillet. 

Ideas for freezing meatballs

  1. Cooked and frozen meatballs are simpler to work with when it comes to cooking and defrosting as in comparison with their uncooked and frozen counterparts which want not less than 2 hours to thaw absolutely.
  1. Frozen meatballs could be served together with spaghetti, in a sub, topped on pizza, grilled on skewers, baked right into a casserole, or just served with do-it-yourself BBQ sauce.
  1. Frozen meatballs solely require to be heated for two hours at excessive within the crockpot with sauce. That is the most effective quick-fix dinner choice.

Tips on how to thaw frozen meatballs?

Within the fridge 

That is the beneficial methodology for thawing meat or any meat-related meals product. However you bought to be affected person about this. 

It’s best in the event you plan your meal and pop the meatballs within the fridge and allow them to thaw in a single day.

Underneath chilly working water 

This methodology is useful in the event you shouldn’t have a lot time. This methodology will allow you to thaw the meatballs in beneath an hour. 

All you must do is to carry the freezer bag beneath chilly working water. Nevertheless, this methodology shouldn’t be very energy-efficient. However you may repair that. Merely fill a bowl with chilly water. 

Dip the freezer bag containing the meatballs contained in the bowl. Change the water when it turns into too chilly.

Crockpot or range

Toss the frozen meatball within the gravy or sauce and allow them to prepare dinner. You need to use each the crockpot or stovetop strategies for this function. 

It is going to take about 2-6 hours to defrost and prepare dinner the meatballs to good tenderness in the event you use this methodology.


On this article, we answered the query “How lengthy are you able to freeze meatballs?”, and freeze and thaw meatballs?

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