2022 How Long Can You Freeze Chocolate?

On this article, we are going to reply the query “How lengthy are you able to freeze chocolate?”, and the way lengthy do chocolate chips final?

Learn on if you wish to know the right way to maximize the shelf-life of chocolate. 

How lengthy are you able to freeze chocolate?

(Opened or Unopened) Within the pantry  Within the fridge  Within the freezer 
Previous Printed Date  Previous Printed Date Previous Printed Date
Chocolate  2-4 months  4-6 months  6-8 months 
Chocolate bars 2-4 months  4-6 months 6-8 months 
Chocolate truffles  1-2 weeks 
Belgian chocolate  1-2 weeks  2-4 weeks  2-4 months 
Chocolate chips  2-4 months  6-8 months  2-3 years 

The Shelf-life of various kinds of chocolate

The shelf-life of chocolate relies on the composition of the chocolate. The extra the milk, the lesser the shelf-life. After one of the best earlier than date, there are seen adjustments within the look and detectable adjustments within the style of the chocolate.

White chocolate

White chocolate has numerous milk and cocoa butter making it prone to spoilage. So white chocolate will final about 6 months within the pantry if unopened. If positioned within the fridge, it would last more. An opened package deal might be good for about 4 months within the pantry.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate has a really silky and wealthy texture resulting from all that milk. An opened bar of milk chocolate will final 1 yr within the pantry and longer if saved within the fridge. If opened, milk chocolate can solely keep for 8-10 months within the pantry.

Bittersweet chocolate

Bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate has about 70% cocoa. Much less quantity of milk permits it to remain so long as 2 years within the pantry or longer within the fridge if unopened. 

Belgian chocolate

This fudgy deal with has about 35% cocoa and can keep good for per week or two within the pantry if unopened. Placing it within the fridge will prolong its shelf life to about 4-5 weeks. Freeze the Belgian chocolate to maintain it round for two months.

Chocolate chips

If unopened, chocolate chips might be good within the pantry for about 2-4 months. Holding it within the fridge will prolong its shelf life to about 6-8 months. Frozen chocolate chips will final for 2-3 years within the freezer.

Handmade candies or truffles

It’s not beneficial to place these delicate truffles within the fridge or freezer. They’re to be consumed inside hours of buying for optimum style. Nevertheless, they may final for per week or two within the pantry if unopened.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is kind of a shelf-stable product. It’s going to solely regularly lose its energy of taste over time it is going to be good for about 3 years within the pantry if left unopened.

How lengthy do chocolate chips final?

Darkish chocolate chips with 70-80% cocoa might be good within the pantry(sealed) or within the freezer for about 2 years. Milk chocolate chips will keep contemporary within the freezer or pantry(sealed) for 8 months to 1 yr. 

Nevertheless, freezing sealed chocolate chips is not going to have any appreciable impact on the shelf life. It fairly considerably decreases the standard of your chocolate chips when it comes to texture and visible enchantment.

Sort of Chocolate Chip How one can Retailer How Lengthy They’ll Final
Darkish, Bittersweet,and Semisweet Chocolate In a sealed, air-tight container in a darkish location with a constant temperature of 60-75F As much as 2 years 
Milk Chocolate 8 months to 1 yr
White chocolate  8-10 months 

How one can retailer chocolate to stop spoilage?

Preserve the chocolate away from moisture, excessive temperature, temperature fluctuations, or undesirable odors. The temperature fluctuations and humidity will crystallize the sugar leading to sugar bloom. It ruins the silky texture of the chocolate.

Equally, exposing the chocolate to excessive temperatures will lead to fats blooms that occur when cocoa butter/fat separate from the sugar and crystallize.

Within the fridge

At any time when you’re refrigerating your chocolate, ensure it’s wrapped up tightly. It is suggested to put it in an air-tight container to stop the humid surroundings of the fridge from damaging its high quality. It’s going to additionally defend the chocolate from absorbing undesirable odors from the fridge.

Within the freezer

Earlier than freezing the chocolate, refrigerate it first. Temperature shock will injury the standard of your chocolate. Preserve the chocolate in a freezer bag when storing it within the freezer.


On this article, we answered the query “How lengthy are you able to freeze chocolate?”, and the way lengthy do chocolate chips final?

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