2022 How Long Can Cookie Dough Stay In The Fridge?

On this article, we are going to discover out in regards to the shelf lifetime of several types of cookie dough, find out how to retailer your cookie dough correctly, and what profit does getting old/ your dough gives.

How lengthy the cookie dough will final within the fridge is dependent upon what sort of cookie dough we’re speaking about. Following is mentioned the shelf lifetime of several types of dough.

Frozen store-bought cookie dough when saved within the fridge will final 1 to 2 weeks past its ‘Use by’ date. However In case you are not going to make use of it any time quickly after the acquisition, toss it within the freezer as a result of It may keep recent for about 9-12 months in there. 

This cookie dough could be very handy, available, and comes low cost. You possibly can at all times purchase a brand new pack to bake a recent batch of cookies fairly than storing it within the freezer. Nevertheless, these will final 1 week greater than its ‘Finest earlier than’ or ‘Use by’ date. Whereas the freezer will lengthen its shelf life from 6 to 9 months.

Home made

Home made cookie dough is probably the most weak to getting spoiled early as a result of It doesn’t comprise any fancy preservatives however nothing like a freshly baked selfmade cookie that melts in your mouth.

Home made cookie dough will solely keep recent for 3-5 days within the fridge and may keep for 6-12 months solely within the freezer.

Cookie dough has the tendency to go dangerous due to the eggs. Eggs glue the components of dough collectively and function a superb binding agent however these are extremely perishable. That’s the reason a cookie dough left on the counter within the open for greater than 2 hours has probabilities of going dangerous

Now, what’s it about eggs that makes them perishable? The reply to that is Salmonella and Escherichia coli. These micro organism are notorious for spoiling meat and poultry merchandise. If ingested, they’ll trigger meals poisoning.

One of the simplest ways to retailer cookie dough is to maintain them in an hermetic container and toss them within the fridge or freezer. The scale of the container used needs to be nearly to suit the cookie dough in order to create a vacuum-like situation at dwelling.

In the event you scoop out your dough into portion dimension items, then retailer them in a heavy-duty plastic bag with a ziplock, and don’t forget to squeeze as a lot air as attainable out of the bag to create a vacuum. 

If it was omitted within the open for greater than 4 hours, it has absolutely gone dangerous. However there could also be different indicators to contemplate like a bitter style, disagreeable scent, or a moldy look.

If cookie dough is just too outdated and is previous the high quality time, then it turns into too laborious for a cookie. Somebody who bakes cookies steadily can instantly inform the distinction between a tough low high quality and a smooth recent cookie dough.

In case your cookie dough has patchy areas over the floor, throw it instantly as a result of the mould is rising. Previous cookie dough will begin to flip darker from the perimeters as a result of it begins to lose moisture. A cookie created from such a dough won’t be of the very best quality.

Why chill your cookie dough earlier than baking?

Chilling your cookie dough earlier than baking is a superb hack to forestall flat cookies. In the event you used melted butter as a substitute of strong, then chill your cookie dough for at the least 30 min to let the butter solidify.

This helps the cookie retain its form whereas baking. Additionally In case your cookie dough feels sticky, chilling it’s a good choice as a substitute of including extra flour to your cookie dough and ending up with a crumbly texture as a substitute of a chewy one. 

What’s “Growing old the dough”?

Growing old tough is identical as resting your dough to assist develop advanced flavors. Growing old additionally adjustments the colour and consistency of your dough. The dough turns into much less sticky and darker in colour.

Cookies created from the aged dough could have extra intense flavors and a greater form. You possibly can let your dough relaxation for simply 24 hours or you can even maintain it for 2-3 days. There’s a noticeable distinction between the feel, taste, and colour of cookies created from recent dough and people from the aged dough.


On this article, we came upon in regards to the shelf lifetime of several types of cookie dough, find out how to retailer your cookie dough correctly, and what profit does getting old/ your dough gives.



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