2022 How Long Can A Scoby Live In The Fridge? 

On this transient article, we’ll reply the query, “How lengthy can a scoby stay within the fridge?” and strategies to retailer scoby.

How lengthy can a scoby stay within the fridge?

Scoby can stay within the fridge for 1-2 days. It’s by no means beneficial to maintain scoby past that length within the fridge and even within the freezer. Kombucha doesn’t go unhealthy due to which it isn’t required to maintain them within the fridge.

As a substitute, place the scoby at room temperature and in a cool and darkish place. Scoby shouldn’t be beneficial to be stored within the fridge for a very long time as a result of there’s a threat of mildew growing within the kombucha after the kombucha is faraway from the fridge. It’s troublesome to ferment them too.

When saved within the fridge, the cultures can go dormant as properly. If in case you have stored just a few batches of kombucha within the fridge for a short time, it’s fantastic however doesn’t hold them for a very long time.

Find out how to retailer scoby?

Put together a brand new batch of kombucha

  • An excellent manner of storing the scoby could be to organize a brand new batch of kombucha. For this goal, boil about 3 ½ liters of water on the range and add 8 inexperienced tea baggage. After the water boils, take away it from the warmth supply and permit it to chill for some time.
  • Add a cup of cane sugar to the tea and dissolve it. You’ll be able to add the sugar into the tea instantly after you have got eliminated the tea from the warmth supply.
  • Place the tea right into a glass jar. Cowl the tea with a lid and hold it for 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hours, pour the tea, into one other glass jar. Place the scoby on this glass jar and shut the jar with a lid.
  • You can too tie a fabric on the highest of the jar earlier than closing it.
  • Retailer the kombucha in a darkish place and away from gentle. It may be stored at room temperature for 30 days and the method of fermentation would begin.

Place it in a clear hermetic container

Inserting the scoby in a clear hermetic container or a plastic bag can be a greater manner of storing scoby. Place one scoby per container or bag.

Fill the jar with ¼ of kombucha. You can too add some tea or sugar to the container. The quantity of kombucha being saved doesn’t should be essentially exact however do not forget that the scoby ought to have sufficient meals to stay wholesome.

You’ll be able to place the scoby within the fridge for a short time. Do not forget that the fridge would make the scoby dormant. If in case you have positioned kombucha in a bag, hold it in a dry place on the fridge. Keep away from preserving the scoby for greater than 3 months within the fridge.

Storing whole batches of scoby in a single jar

Choose a big glass container to put the scoby. Wash the glass container totally previous to utilizing it. Put your whole batch of scoby into the jar. Over a time frame, you possibly can add extra scoby into the jar. 

This fashion you have got many scobys to make use of to organize new baches.

Pour three cups of lately brewed tea and a single cup of kombucha onto the scoby. Add some inexperienced or black tea combination into the scoby. You’ll be able to put together the tea by boiling the water and steeping tea baggage in them for some time put up which you’ll add cane sugar to it.

Cowl the jar with a lid and hold it in a cool and dry place. The kombucha needs to be changed within the container inside 2 weeks. It is because there are extra scobys added to the container which might quicken the fermentation course of.

Different FAQs on scoby that you just may be all in favour of.

Are you able to dehydrate scoby?

No, by no means dehydrate scoby. When the scoby is dehydrated, it can’t perform properly. Even after rehydrating it, there could be no use. Additionally, there’s a chance that mildew formation can happen. 

The micro organism will even not reproduce correctly which might disrupt the fermentation course of. The micro organism and yeast require a correct setting to thrive.

How a lot kombucha scoby must be stored?

If in case you have 3 liters of kombucha, you’d require 2 cups or 500 ml of starter tradition. The amount of scoby that must be used would differ relying in your recipe. You should use many scobys as properly to forestall mildew formation.


On this transient article, we now have answered the query, “How lengthy can a scoby stay within the fridge?” and strategies to retailer scoby.

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