2022 How Long Are Kiwis Good For? (5 Tips For Storage)

On this temporary information, we are going to reply the query, “How lengthy are kiwis good for?” strategies to retailer, ripen kiwi, and detect spoilt kiwi.

How lengthy are kiwis good for?

Kiwi is sweet for nearly two weeks. If the kiwi is reduce, the shelf-life reduces to 3-4 hours at room temperature. The shelf-life of kiwi additionally relies on how it’s saved. Kiwi that’s not ripened will be saved at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.

An overripe kiwi fruit wouldn’t final for a lot of days. It’s best to devour it as quickly as doable.

Sort of kiwi Shelf-life in fridge Shelf-life in freezer
Kiwi (entire) 3 weeks 11-12 months
Kiwi (reduce) 4-5 days 11-12 months

Learn how to retailer kiwis?

  • Unripe kiwis will be saved at room temperature of 65 to 70℃ until it’s ripe. As soon as ripened, you’ll be able to instantly devour it or retailer it within the fridge.
  • If the kiwi has been reduce, it needs to be positioned in an air-tight container to forestall it from getting spoilt. Holding kiwi within the hermetic container additionally preserves its moisture content material.
  • You can even freeze the kiwis to extend their shelf-life. Thawing can darken the colour of the kiwis however it will nonetheless be secure to devour.
  • Dehydrating the kiwis at 130℉ at 9-10 hours can even lengthen the kiwi’s shelf-life.
  • You can even check with the Eat By Date of the kiwi listed on its bundle.

Learn how to detect spoilt kiwi?

  • The outer pores and skin and within the pores and skin needs to be checked for mildew progress. This may very well be detected by the looks of white-colored mildew outdoors the kiwi or contained in the pulp.
  • If the kiwi seems dry or the pulp has shrunk it may very well be a sign of spoilage. If the pores and skin of the fruit is shriveled, the kiwi has doubtless been spoilt.
  • Moist or mushy spots within the kiwi are one other indication of spoilage. You possibly can attempt squeezing the kiwi gently to detect this.
  • You can even scent the kiwi to detect indicators of decay. If the kiwi has an acidic or disagreeable scent as an alternative of the citrusy scent, it’s more likely to be spoilt.

What must be saved in thoughts earlier than shopping for kiwis?

Purchase kiwis when they’re in season. Kiwis are often purchased from Chile or New Zealand. Kiwis bought from December to April are more likely to be unripe because the rising season is from Might to November. 

Additionally, purchase kiwis which can be devoid of any bruises or scars. The ripeness and unripeness of the kiwi will be detected by squeezing the kiwi. If the kiwi is agency, it’s more likely to be unripe. Keep away from shopping for shriveled kiwis and purchase plump ones.

Different FAQs about kiwi that you could be be keen on.

Learn how to ripen kiwis?

Kiwis will be positioned near apples or bananas. Apples and bananas each include ethylene. You possibly can pack the unripe kiwis near bananas or apples to lock the ripening course of. Keep away from consuming onerous kiwis as it’s in all probability unripe.

Holding the kiwis near avocados, tomatoes, peaches, figs, apricots, peaches, cantaloupes, or pears can even ripen them sooner. Verify the kiwis in 20-24 hours to forestall them from over-ripening.

To ripen the kiwis, it’s also possible to reduce them in half and wrap them in plastic foil or an hermetic container. The ripening course of can happen inside two to 3 days.

Why does bitter style whereas consuming kiwi point out?

Unripened kiwis typically style bitter. You possibly can ripen the kiwis by putting them at room temperature for a brief time frame.

Can the pores and skin of kiwi be consumed?

Sure, the pores and skin of the kiwi will be consumed. The pores and skin of kiwi is an efficient supply of fiber. Moreover, if you don’t peel a kiwi, it preserves the vitamin C content material of the fruit.

What’s the distinction between yellow and inexperienced kiwi?

The inexperienced kiwi fruit would have furry pores and skin and inexperienced pulp whereas the yellow kiwi has hairless pores and skin and yellow-colored pulp. The inexperienced kiwi fruit has an even bigger core with extra seeds whereas the yellow kiwi fruit has a smaller core with lesser seeds in comparison with its inexperienced counterpart.

The style additionally differs. The yellow kiwi tastes sweeter than the greener one as it’s excessive in fructose. The inexperienced kiwi has a tangy style. 

Diet-wise, the inexperienced kiwi fruit has greater fiber content material than the yellow one. The yellow kiwi fruit although has a better vitamin C content material than the greener kiwi fruit.


On this temporary information, we’ve answered the query, “How lengthy are kiwis good for?”  strategies to retailer, ripen kiwi, and detect spoilt kiwi.

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