2022 Can You Use Vegetable Oil As Lube?

On this article, we’ll reply the query “Can you employ vegetable oil as lube?” and talk about can you employ olive oil?

Can you employ vegetable oil as lube?

No,  you can not use vegetable oil as lube. Though vegetable or olive oil will be slippery, it is not going to be absorbed into the physique and will clog pores, inflicting a thrush or pores and skin an infection. When you use oil in anal intercourse, any cuts or abrasions to your anus or rectum could result in an infection from the oil. 

When you use condoms, the oil will trigger the condom to fail in a short time in case you are utilizing it as a lubricant in these areas. For a similar causes, it is best to keep away from utilizing child oil, hand cream, face cream, or petroleum jelly.

Solely further virgin coconut oil, which is strong at room temperature however liquid at physique temperatures, is broadly accessible in most households. To appease vaginal and anal pores and skin irritations, coconut oil is a go-to ingredient in cooking and skincare. 

The scent of the product is gorgeous. Cons of utilizing coconut oil as lubrication embrace the destruction of rubber condoms, however not latex ones.

Is Olive Oil Secure to Use as Lubricant?

Utilizing lube when having intercourse is normally a good suggestion. Lubricant, usually referred to as lube, is a sexual lubricant that promotes pleasure by lowering friction and chafing. Utilizing olive oil for intercourse might look like an honest thought when you’re in search of an all-natural product or simply don’t have the time to go to the store.

Olive oil could also be used throughout intercourse, which is nice information. It’s true that olive oil or different oils as lubrication could also be utilized in particular conditions, however you shouldn’t. Most significantly, when you’re carrying a latex condom to keep away from being pregnant and sexually transmitted diseases, don’t lubricate with olive oil (STIs). 

Olive oil has the potential to rupture a condom. Use olive oil as a substitute, however remember that it could depart stains in your linens and garments. It’s no shock that olive oil is oil. Olive oil is an efficient instance of an oil-based lubricant since it’s thicker and lasts longer than different varieties. 

Water-based lubes have a shorter shelf life and are extra vulnerable to drying up, however they will nonetheless be used with condoms with none issues. Water-based lubricants last more, nonetheless, silicone toys will likely be destroyed when you use silicone-based lubricants.

When used as a lubricant, olive oil could trigger latex to degrade. Due to this, whereas carrying a latex condom (which is the most typical sort), or one other sort of latex barrier like a dental dam, the oil could trigger it to rupture. And it’s attainable that the injury will likely be performed in lower than a minute. You run the hazard of catching an STI or turning into pregnant because of this.

Utilizing one thing apart from olive oil instead

When deciding on a intercourse lubricant, preserve these three elements in thoughts:

  • When you or your partner have allergic reactions, ensure you verify.
  • A yeast an infection is extra doubtless in ladies who use merchandise that embrace sugar or glycerin.
  • When utilizing latex condoms, steer clear of oil-based merchandise.

When you’re not intending on utilizing a condom and simply want lubrication for your self (i.e. masturbation), olive oil is a superb choice. Keep away from letting it get in your garments or bedsheets to maintain it clear.

You’d be higher off going to the shop and shopping for low-cost water-based lubrication like KY Jelly. It’s possible you’ll make certain {that a} latex condom gained’t break down when you use a water-based resolution. Moreover, cleanup will likely be a breeze. 

Merchandise which are water-soluble gained’t depart stains in your clothes or mattress linens. KY Jelly additionally contains the antibacterial compound chlorhexidine gluconate.

The price of a tiny bottle of olive oil is about what you’ll spend for a water-based various anyhow. On the planet of oils, further virgin olive oil is without doubt one of the most expensive.


It’s possible that olive oil is secure and efficient as a lubricant within the absence of penetration. You need to put on a condom to guard your self towards STIs and being pregnant, so keep away from utilizing olive oil as a lubricant when you’re planning on having vaginal or anal intercourse. 

Some individuals’s pores and skin could also be irritated by olive oil. When you get a rash or an sickness because of consuming olive oil, discontinue utilizing it proper as soon as.

To forestall stains, use outdated bedsheets and keep away from placing olive oil throughout your clothes when you resolve to make use of it as a lubricant. After that, you’ll want to take a bathe to get all of it off. There is no such thing as a substitute for a store-bought water-based or silicone-based lubrication designed particularly together with your security and pleasure in thoughts.

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On this article, we answered the query “Can you employ vegetable oil as lube?” and mentioned can you employ olive oil? 

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