2022 Can You Use Rice As A Pie Weight?

On this article, we are going to reply the query “Can you employ rice as a pie weight?” and focus on what’s blind baking?

Can you employ rice as a pie weight?

Sure,  you should utilize rice as a pie weight. You may additionally use rice, popcorn, or different dry objects that you have already got in your pantry. They might even be used time and again as pie weights for the remainder of the time. The time period “baking beans” refers to dry beans which are used as an alternative choice to pie weights.

Is it Essential to Make the most of Pie Weights?

With no filling to maintain the pastry down, it’d puff up throughout baking due to trapped steam within the gluten construction of the dough. An uneven crust and over-or underbaked sections are attainable because of this.

Aspect shrinkage throughout baking may additionally be an issue, and the perimeters could probably collapse or fall in. Pie weights are a easy answer to those points since they fill the crust all through the baking course of and maintain it in place.

Blind Baking: What Is It and How Does It Work?

To blind bake something, you simply bake the crust alone earlier than including the filling and baking it till it’s golden brown. Relying on the recipe, you might bake it during or solely a portion of it. The pre-baked crust is then full of the filling and, if needed, cooked a second time.

Precisely how lengthy ought to I bake within the oven earlier than turning off the warmth?

Blind baking a crust is critical for quite a lot of eventualities. For sure desserts, similar to recent fruit tarts and cream pies, simply the shell is cooked; the within stays unbaked.

Methods to Make a Rice-Based mostly Blind Bake

Rice could also be used as an alternative choice to pie weights within the blind baking course of. With a purpose to make it, you’ll want a pie crust, a daily 9-inch pie pan, some parchment paper or foil, and naturally, some rice.


  • Make a uniform layer of pie crust by rolling out the dough. Pre-heat the oven to 425°F whilst you’re ready. Place the dough within the pie pan.
  • Keep away from damaging it by trying to do it along with your arms; as an alternative, roll out the dough layer and switch it to the plate with ease.
  • Take away any further dough from the perimeters and clean them down. Utilizing a rolling pin, simply roll the pie plate’s edges over.
  • The place needed, crimp the dough.
  • Fill the pie to the highest with rice and canopy with parchment paper. Ensure you’ve bought sufficient rice in there to maintain the parchment paper in place across the pie crust’s perimeter.
  • The crust needs to be baked for about quarter-hour, or till golden on the perimeters.
  • After that, take it out of the oven and take away the weights.
  • Regardless of the truth that the crust appears to be half-done, it’s actually nonetheless uncooked. Place the dish again within the oven and bake for a further 5 minutes.
  • No bubbles ought to emerge on the crust’s floor through the second cooking cycle. Bake till the crust is a uniform brown on each side, about quarter-hour.

The Advantages of Utilizing Rice As an alternative of Beans

Pie weights made from beans or grains have been round for a very long time. Whereas each strategies are efficient, using rice could present superior outcomes. As a result of rice has smaller grains than beans, the stress is equally distributed throughout the pie. Selecting rice over beans as pie weights has the additional advantage of being reusable since you may eat it!

Nonetheless, even when the beans are re-used many instances, the perfume will turn into extra overpowering. Pie by pie, you might or will not be okay with the perfume of your pie weights altering.

On the subject of rice, that is additionally true. Nonetheless, after the pie has been cooked, you might use the leftover rice to create an intriguing toasty-flavored pilaf. The flavour and odor of beans is not going to be nice.

The Significance of Blind Baking

Everybody who works with pastry, whether or not they’re amateurs or professionals, ought to know the best way to use the blind baking technique.

Is it attainable to blind bake with out utilizing any weights?

To make the pastry simpler to deal with, use pie weights. Many bakers and cooks blind bake pie crusts utilizing pie weights, however you may additionally blind bake a pie crust with out weights. Pie weights are one thing I don’t even have. They’re an additional price, after which there’s the effort of storing them.

Are you able to blind bake use tin foil?

Totally different approaches to blind baking are attainable. Some individuals use aluminum foil or parchment paper to line the pie crust, then fill it with pastry or pie weights (also referred to as “baking beans”) to maintain the crust from exploding through the baking course of. The crust browns between the pans when ready this fashion.

To learn extra about utilizing rice as a pie weight click on right here


On this article, we answered the query “Can you employ rice as a pie weight?” and mentioned what’s blind baking? 

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