2022 Can You Grate Cinnamon Sticks?

On this article, we are going to reply the query “Are you able to grate cinnamon sticks?”, and how one can grate cinnamon sticks?

Are you able to grate cinnamon sticks?

Sure, you’ll be able to grate cinnamon sticks. Grated cinnamon will be to boost your tea, espresso, oatmeal, smoothies, broths, soups, or shakes. They may also be added to meat marinades for earthy flavors.

Grating vs grinding cinnamon sticks 

Grated cinnamon has a rough texture not like the positive texture of the bottom cinnamon. Some folks just like the coarse and grainy texture of the grated cinnamon whereas others favor utilizing powdered or floor cinnamon. 

Grinding the cinnamon sticks is simpler than grating them until you employ machine garters. Mechanical grating will take lots of effort and arm muscle energy.

Methods to grate cinnamon sticks 

Grate field 

That is the best grating instrument for cinnamon sticks. Place the grating field inside a flat plate to build up the grated cinnamon. Relying upon the grate dimension, the grating field can grate your cinnamon sticks to a medium-fine texture, that’s very best for spicing.

Micro planes

The Microplane zester sequence is an effective instrument to get positive textures grated cinnamon. For the reason that Microplane is used for sprinkling, the particle dimension of the grated cinnamon can be very small. This implies you’ll have to grate numerous cinnamon with nice effort.

Spice graters 

Spice graters are tailored for grating robust spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and garlic, and so forth. Spice graters are cheap, sturdy, and don’t rust simply.


Any blender with sharp blades such because the Nina blender can be utilized to grate the cinnamon sticks. Mix solely a small batch of cinnamon sticks at a time as to not overburden or overheat your blender. 

Mortar and pestle 

This may occasionally sound like one thing historical folks would do however grinding the cinnamon sticks in mortar and pestle may be very efficient and takes much less effort. 

Begin by pounding the cinnamon sticks calmly to disintegrate them right into a smaller dimension then you’ll be able to enhance the velocity. Proceed pounding till the specified coarseness or particle dimension is achieved.

Nutmeg grater 

Nutmeg graters lie Norpro is specifically designed for grating cinnamon sticks. Nutmeg graters have smaller tooth than common spice graters. Nutmeg grater is a superb possibility for spicing.

Greatest methods to retailer cinnamon sticks 

Use air-tight containers 

The very best container for storing cinnamon sticks is the one with a good seal. Frequent publicity to moisture and air can simply strip the cinnamon sticks of their fragile scent and taste. 

To protect the freshness and perfume of this spice, you could pack it in a shallow air-tight container with as little headspace as potential.


Refrigeration is a good way to increase the shelf-life of cinnamon sticks. Nevertheless, cinnamon sticks final as lengthy within the pantry as they’d within the fridge. 

A cool and darkish pantry is the best storage place for cinnamon sticks. If refrigerated incorrectly, the moist air of the fridge can destroy the standard of the cinnamon powder.

Kitchen cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets are an important storage web site for cinnamon. Since it’s darkish, cool, and away from the direct sources of warmth reminiscent of the daylight and the stovetop.

Foil paper 

Foil is useful when storing the cinnamon sticks in a humid place just like the fridge. However it isn’t very dependable.

Greatest makes use of of cinnamon sticks 

For flavoring tea and low

The battle and earthy taste of the cinnamon finest complement the tea or espresso. It additionally pairs effectively with ginger and fennel if you’re making the spice tea. 

Most individuals favor dissolving the cinnamon powder inside their cup of tea or espresso. As a result of the coarse cinnamon settles down on the backside and poses a choking hazard. Alternatively, you’ll be able to dip a complete stick of the cinnamon inside espresso or tea.

Used as a meat taste 

The perfume of the cinnamon powder introduces a special taste profile to meat marinades. You should use cinnamon to marinate pork, beef, and even rooster.

Flavoring rice

African and Center Jap folks prefer to taste their curry fried rice with cinnamon. Merely add the grated cinnamon to the steamer to benefit from the candy and heat taste of the cinnamon in your steamed rice.

For making natural broths 

Cinnamon has glorious antimicrobial properties. When added to broths or soups, it not solely provides to the flavour but additionally offers diet.

For making high quality oatmeal

Grated cinnamon blended or sprinkled on high of oatmeal adjustments the flavour recreation of the oatmeal. Cinnamon particularly goes effectively with the sweetness of bananas. You’ll be able to high off your oatmeal with bananas or any fruit you want and a few grated cinnamon.


On this article, we answered the query “Are you able to grate cinnamon sticks?”, and how one can grate cinnamon sticks?

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