2022 Can You Get Sick From Eating Kale? (+5 Tips)

On this article, we’re going to reply the query, “are you able to get sick from consuming kale?”  

Are you able to get sick from consuming kale?

Sure, you may get sick from consuming kale. Though normally, consuming kale moderately could not result in any sickness, latest research have proved that kale is excessive in metallic content material, primarily thallium and cesium. Moreover these metals, kale and different leafy greens have additionally proven to be contaminated with metals similar to nickel, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum. 

What’s kale? 

Kale is a vegetable that belongs to the identical household as that of cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. It’s wealthy in vitamins similar to nutritional vitamins A, Okay, B-6, C in addition to fiber. It additionally accommodates highly effective antioxidants and minerals like calcium, magnesium and copper. Nevertheless, it additionally has a excessive composition of toxic metals like thallium and cesium. Additionally, when eaten uncooked and in giant parts, kale can really be dangerous for our well being.

Dangerous results of consuming kale:

  1. When eaten uncooked and in giant parts, kale can result in goiter, which is a medical situation in which there’s swelling of the thyroid gland. As kale can also be excessive in a compound known as thiocyanate, which doesn’t let iodine be utilized by the thyroid gland, a situation known as hypothyroidism could happen. 
  1. Kale can include excessive portions of toxic metals similar to thallium and cesium, Consuming kale often has been related to signs similar to elevated coronary heart price, fatigue, nausea, digestion points and neurological issues.
  1. As kale is excessive in indigestible fiber and sugar, it will possibly result in digestion points, inflicting bloating, constipation and abdomen ache.
  1. Persistent consumption of kale in giant portions can severely impair the metabolism of the physique, resulting in fluctuations in blood sugar and physique weight. It is because kale accommodates a compound known as progoitrin which interferes with the functioning of the thyroid hormone. 
  1. In some uncommon instances, kale has additionally been identified to trigger an allergic response within the physique. The signs of allergic reactions to kale embody swollen lips and tongue, itchy pores and skin, hives, digestion points, and dizziness. 
  1. As a result of kale can also be wealthy in oxalic acid, which is an antinutrient, consuming kale can result in poor digestion of meals as a result of antinutrients stop the absorption of some vitamins by the physique. This can lead to the formation of kidney stones within the physique. 

Advantages of consuming kale:

  1. Kale eaten moderately every day could be fairly useful for our well being. It’s loaded with nutritional vitamins A, Okay, C and B-6. It’s also wealthy in antioxidants and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Whereas vitamin A is nice for eye well being and imaginative and prescient, vitamin C and potassium are identified to cut back levels of cholesterol and keep the general coronary heart well being by holding the blood stress low. 
  1. Consuming kale generally is a approach to shed pounds. It is because it’s nutrient-dense however much less in energy, making it an ideal substitute on your meal. Since it’s excessive in fiber, it additionally offers a sense of fullness for a very long time.
  1. As kale is excessive in sulfur, which is vital for the metabolism of glucose, consuming kale will help scale back blood sugar ranges, thereby stopping weight achieve and diabetes.
  1. Kale is wealthy in calcium, thereby an excellent choice to complement our eating regimen with, as an alternative of getting calcium dietary supplements. 
  1. Kale may assist stop most cancers as a result of it accommodates chlorophyll. Chlorophyll binds to heterocyclic amines that trigger most cancers, and prevents the physique from absorbing these dangerous carcinogens. Due to this fact, it’s at all times a good suggestion to pair a kale salad with grilled meat to forestall the absorption of carcinogens which are sometimes launched throughout grilling meat.

 Methods to eat kale safely?

  1. Moderation is the important thing. LImit your consumption of kale to 1 or 2 servings per day.
  1. Don’t devour uncooked kale. If wanted, wash it completely earlier than consuming. At all times try to select natural kale. It is because kale is normally sprayed with quite a lot of pesticides. 
  1. Don’t devour an excessive amount of of kale when you’ve got an underactive thyroid or goitre. Consuming kale can solely worsen the situation of your thyroid glands.
  1. Keep away from consuming kale when you’ve got a historical past of kidney stones. 
  1. Don’t eat an excessive amount of of kale if you’re utilizing sure medicines like vitamin Okay. 
  1. Up your consumption of water in the event you’re rising your consumption of kale. This helps in simpler digestion of kale, which is wealthy in fiber.

On this article, we now have answered “are you able to get sick from consuming kale” in addition to offered 6 tricks to eat kale safely.


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