2022 Can You Freeze Uncooked Rice?

On this article, we’ll reply the query “Are you able to freeze raw rice?”, and freeze raw rice?

Are you able to freeze raw rice?

Sure, you possibly can freeze raw rice. It’s a nice possibility for those who purchased rice in bulk and need to save them for a chronic interval. 

Freezing extends the shelf-life of the White rice, Jasmine, and Basmati rice as much as 30 years. If saved appropriately, frozen brown rice can final so long as 18 years.

The shelf-life of rice 

The next desk exhibits an estimated shelf-life of various kinds of rice beneath totally different storage situations.

Sort of rice At room temperature  Within the freezer 
White rice  5 years  As much as 30 years
Jasmine and Basmati rice 4-5 years  As much as 30 years 
Brown rice  3-6 months  As much as 18 months 

Find out how to freeze raw rice?

If the unique bundle of rice is unopened, you want to merely repackage it in an air-tight container or freezer bag earlier than freezing. To freeze the leftovers from an open bundle of rice, comply with the directions under.

  1. Switch the rice into an air-tight freezer bag or container. Be sure that the container or bag is totally dry.
  1. The seal of the air-tight container needs to be tight to dam air, moisture, and entry of bugs. Should you go for a freezer bag, be certain that to squeeze out as a lot air s attainable.
  1. Label the bag or container earlier than freezing. This helps in figuring out the frozen product and helps maintain monitor of its shelf-life.

Find out how to retailer rice to forestall bugs?

Bug eggs will not be seen to the bare eye. And you might be by no means positive if the rice comprises bugs or not. Simply to be on the protected aspect, freeze the rice under 0 levels for every week to kill the bug eggs if there are any. Then you possibly can maintain them for extended storage.

You may unintentionally introduce bugs into your eggs throughout storage. Due to this fact, protected storage is the important thing to bug-free saved rice. To verify no bugs get into the rice throughout storage, comply with the information under.

  1. Whether or not glass, plastic, or metal, use air-tight containers with a good lid to retailer rice. A flimsy lid will destroy rice high quality by exposing it to moisture, air, and bugs.
  1. Bay leaves act as a pure insect deterrent. Simply pop in a couple of bays leaves into your rice earlier than you retain them for extended storage.
  1. To discourage the bugs, place chili across the space you retailer rice. Alternatively, you possibly can place cloth-wrapped chili inside your rice containers.
  1. Retailer the rice in a clear and dry pantry.

What’s one of the best ways to retailer rice long-term?

Rice last more if they’re stored at a gentle temperature of 40 °F (4 °C) or decrease. If this temperature appears unachievable, you may also maintain the rice at 70 °F (21°C). 

Nevertheless, you want to support this temperature through the use of oxygen absorbers to guard the rice from spoilage. Whether or not white or brown, freezing is an effective way to increase the shelf-life of rice.

What to do with frozen raw rice?

Saving your electronics 

Submerging your electronics in a bath of frozen raw rice might assist save the machine. The raw rice, as a result of its outstanding absorbent properties, removes the surplus moisture out of your waterlogged digital machine.

Sizzling/Chilly compress

A makeshift compress with a sock stuffed with rice can be utilized to alleviate sore muscle tissues or bruised pores and skin. You may management the temperature of the sock by both freezing or microwaving it, relying upon what caters greatest to your wants.

Salsa rice

Seize a cup of salsa and about one cup of raw rice. Fill a pot with water. Then stir within the raw rice and salsa. Add as a lot or as little salsa as your style buds like. 

Toss in chopped veggies at this level for those who like. Carry every part to a boil. Take away from the warmth when the rice is cooked. Salsa Rice is extremely flavored and makes for an ideal burrito filling. You can too use them for making taco salad.

Stir fry 


  • 1-2 cups of rice (relying on what number of parts you wish to make)
  • 1-2 cups of your most well-liked protein (hen, tofu, beef, and so forth.)
  • 1 cup of chopped greens (recent or frozen)
  • One teaspoon of sesame seed oil
  • One tablespoon of soy sauce


  1. Fill a pot with water and stir within the raw rice. Carry the water to a boil and prepare dinner till the rice is comfortable.
  1. Grease a skillet with some oil and prepare dinner the veggies and meat. Add some sesame oil, soy sauce, and one other seasoning that you just like.
  1. Cook dinner the veggies and meat till completely cooked.
  1. Serve with boiled rice and revel in.


On this article, we answered the query “Are you able to freeze raw rice?”, and freeze raw rice?

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