2022 Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds?

On this temporary, we’re going to reply the query, “Are you able to freeze pomegranate seeds?” and steps to freeze in addition to retailer the seeds.

Are you able to freeze pomegranate seeds?

Sure, you possibly can freeze pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds can keep for roughly two months within the freezer with out spoiling. 

Tips on how to freeze pomegranate seeds?

  • In a baking tray, place a grease-proof paper. Place the seeds within the baking tray and preserve them in a freezer. This method is termed flash freezing and it could be certain that the seeds are frozen rapidly.
  • Switch the seeds into an hermetic bag or freezer bag. You may label it if you would like.

Tips on how to speed up the freezing of the seeds?

Unfold the seeds appropriately onto the tray to hurry up the freezing course of. Keep away from inserting them one over the opposite. Place the seeds in applicable luggage and portion them out. 

What’s the shelf-life of pomegranate seeds in a freezer?

Pomegranate seeds can keep for a few years although the style of the seeds would begin decreasing after 5 months. Consequently, it’s higher to make use of it up instantly.

Is refreezing pomegranate seeds attainable?

Sure, pomegranate seeds could be refrozen although this could carry a couple of loss within the firmness of the seeds. It’s more likely to flip mushy and squishy.

Is freezing a complete pomegranate higher than freezing the seeds?

Freezing the entire pomegranate will not be that useful in comparison with freezing the seeds as solely the surface portion of the pomegranate would get frozen. Freezing the seeds can be extra time-efficient.

If you wish to eat pomegranate later although, you possibly can freeze the entire pomegranate and retailer it. The entire pomegranate has an extended shelf-life than pomegranate seeds.

How can I defrost pomegranate seeds?

Take away the pomegranate seeds from the freezer and place them in a bowl. You may also fill the bowl with lukewarm water to hurry up the defrosting course of. Additionally, do not forget that the defrosted seeds might be mushier and fewer crunchy.

Is freezing the seeds higher than conserving them in a fridge?

Pomegranate seeds would final for an extended length if stored within the freezer than within the fridge. It may possibly final for 5-6 days within the fridge and round 2 months within the freezer.

How can I retailer the pomegranate seeds?

  • You may place the pomegranate seeds in an hermetic container or a ziplock bag. Bear in mind to maintain them in a cool place devoid of moisture.
  • When you have separated the seeds from the pomegranate, it’s higher to maintain them in a glass container. 

It’s because pomegranate seeds include moisture and there’s a threat of leakage of poisonous elements from plastic containers onto the pomegranate. 

  • You may also place the pomegranate seeds in sugar water to ferment them.

Ought to I warmth pomegranate seeds?

Heating can harm the feel and construction of the seeds. Moreover, there’s a lack of vitamins. Consuming the seeds uncooked is manner higher.

Tips on how to take away pomegranate seeds successfully?

  • Take away the crown of the pomegranate utilizing a knife or your palms.
  • Minimize the sections of pomegranate and place them in water.
  • Take away the seeds and pressure the water.

Are pomegranate arils and seeds the identical?

No, pomegranate arils are completely different from pomegranate seeds. The small yellow pod current contained in the seeds is termed as arils. It’s edible.

Different FAQs about pomegranate you possibly can look into

Tips on how to detect spoilt pomegranate seeds?

  • Spoilt pomegranate seeds typically lose their texture and provides out a foul odor. 
  • The crunchiness of the pomegranate seeds would get replaced by mushiness or sliminess. 
  • The colour of the pomegranate seeds needs to be vibrant pink and never brown. If only some seeds are brown, it’s nonetheless safer to make use of. If virtually the complete batch of seeds has turned brown, it’s higher to throw them away.
  • The formation of mould signifies that the pomegranate has began deteriorating. It’s higher to throw away the complete pomegranate even when the mould is seen in just one a part of the pomegranate.
  • If the pomegranate seeds don’t style good, it’s higher to throw them away.

Tips on how to differentiate between ripe and unripe pomegranates?

The ripe pomegranate is softer to the touch and could be simply squeezed. It’s barely flatter. It’s because the seeds are extraordinarily juicier which might push in opposition to the partitions of the pomegranate inflicting it to flatten.

The unripe ones are exhausting. Extraordinarily unripe ones can have a barely greenish colour.

Tips on how to purchase a correct pomegranate?

  • Go for heavier pomegranates.
  • Go for deep-colored and shiny rinds.
  • Go for more durable pomegranates and keep away from shopping for pomegranates with mushy spots.


On this temporary article, now we have answered the query, “Are you able to freeze pomegranate seeds?” and steps to freeze in addition to retailer the seeds.

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