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On this article, we are going to reply the query “Are you able to eat earthworms?” and we are going to talk about what dishes we made with them and in addition their recipes?

Are you able to eat earthworms?

Sure, you may eat earthworms. The protein/fats ratio of earthworms is equal to that of a complete rooster. It’s best to ensure that it’s completely cooked, as the opposite poster stated. I’ve by no means tried them, but when I needed to, I’d. Once you’re hungry, something appetizing is honest sport. I’ve heard it’s good baked with sauce like fish, however I’m undecided what sauce or components to make use of.

 I’d use smoked meat rub and butter to sear the outsides in a sizzling pan earlier than baking it in a shallow tub of butter and meat rub. You might also make a garlic butter sauce and put together it like escargo. Earthworms are eaten as a delicacy in many countries the world over, together with China, Vietnam, Thailand, and others. In sure areas, earthworms are already a specialty. 

Individuals who dwell in cities, then again, haven’t solely embraced it. The vast majority of individuals who’ve tried raw earthworms have stated that they style earthy and soily. It’s probably not tasty. This isn’t stunning. The earthworm consumes dust, absorbs natural supplies by way of the intestines, and excretes it. 

Nonetheless, sure nations, resembling Vietnam, don’t eat them on their very own. They flip them right into a feast! 

The Origins of People Consuming Earthworms

What you could not understand is that earthworms have been acknowledged as having a excessive therapeutic worth since historical instances. Worms have been employed within the remedy of quite a few persistent illnesses in Indonesia, China, Japan, and the Far East for a few years. If we dig a bit additional, we are able to discover earthworms being utilized as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer medicines in these areas.

Do Individuals At present Eat Earthworms?

Worms are stated to be consumed in over 90 nations as we speak, together with Asia, South America, Africa, and the Western world. Dried earthworms are additionally obtainable in Chinese language drugs shops and as “Earthworm Jerky” within the Western world.

In relation to diet and well being benefits, the hormones and proteins present in earthworms have been a sizzling matter in recent times. Lumbricus rubellus (pink earthworms), that are thought-about to be native to Europe however are distributed everywhere in the world, have been found to have substantial anti-blood clot capabilities, in accordance with research. 

Worm Dishes and Recipes

Listed below are some dishes and their recipes for earthworms.

Dried Worms

This can be a dried earthworm that’s often crushed into “dragon” powder in China. Earthworms are dried and utilized in soups and different meals in conventional Chinese language drugs.

On a giant scale, the wild Lumbricus rubellus species earthworm is employed for this objective.

Worm drying is a method that entails drying the worms.

To create dry earthworms

  • First, wash them, 
  • Take away their inner organs 
  • Dry them on racks within the solar or in a dehydrator.

After washing the worms, they are often cooked in quite a lot of methods, resembling pickling, frying, steaming, or stewing. They’re adaptable.

Deep-fried earthworms

This recipe is comparatively self-explanatory: put together and season your worms to your liking earlier than deep-frying them like some other meat. When you’re serious about earthworms, begin with this meal, which seems to be the least scary of all of the earthworm dishes.

Specialty Road Meals in Hanoi, Vietnam: Cha Ruoi Omelette or Burgers

The polychaete worm Tylorrhynchus heterochaetus, extra popularly referred to as the mudflat worm or sandworms, is a widely known avenue dish in Hanoi, Vietnam, ready utilizing earthworms gathered in mangroves and waterways.


The earthworms are first calmly cooked to take away tentacles earlier than being seasoned.

Within the combination, one egg is damaged. The pork mince is then added (except you’re a real purist, you may have the ability to find a restaurant that produces these patties solely out of worm flesh) and squeezed right into a pattie earlier than being cooked.

“Milk Soup” with Worms

In China, this meal is called “Milk Soup,” because the Chinese language contemplate it to be a tonic for nursing moms.

Elements and Strategies of Cooking

The preparation process is easy after you’ve obtained the dry/floor worms:

  • Add sliced scallions or spring onions 
  • Stir-fry the dry/floor earthworm with Chinese language five-spice powder and sizzling water.

Marine Spoon Worm/Fats Innkeeper

Those who dwell close to the water eat a stubby type of sea worm referred to as a sea gut, along with the earthworms on land. Urechis unicinctus is the scientific title, and it’s often known as a “penis fish” or a “fats innkeeper worm” in China.

 Marine spoon worms are a extra in style title for any such worm. These worms are considerable in South Korea, Japan, and China’s coastal areas. Sometimes, they’re stir-fried. Nonetheless, it’s generally eaten uncooked in South Korea with salt and sesame oil or a pink chili sauce (gochujang).

It’s additionally often crushed into powder for seasoning.

To be taught extra about consuming earth worms click on right here


On this article, we answered the query “Are you able to eat earthworms?” and we mentioned what dishes we made with them and in addition their recipes?

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