2022 Can I Use Basmati Rice For Fried Rice?

On this article, we are going to reply the query “Can I exploit basmati rice for fried rice?”, and easy methods to make one of the best basmati fried-rice?

Can I exploit basmati rice for fried rice?

Sure, you should utilize basmati rice for fried rice. Basmati rice is grown and consumed predominantly in India and Pakistan. It has a really distinct taste and aroma, completely different from the common white American rice. Basmati rice has a higher amylose content material and it doesn’t stick. It comes out very fluffy as soon as cooked. The fragile and light-weight texture makes it a good selection for fried rice. Learn on if you wish to know easy methods to make the right basmati fried rice.

What’s the finest rice for fried rice?

White rice with lengthy beneficial properties is most popular for fried rice. The rice grains shouldn’t be sticky when cooked and will preserve a fluffy form distinct from the opposite grains.

The cooking efficiency of the rice is determined by the kind of starch it comprises. There are two predominant forms of starch in tice title; amylose and amylopectin. Amylopectin, being extremely branched, contributes to extra sticky rice. Glutinous or sticky rice comprises extra amylopectin and only one% amylose.

The opposite kind of starch, amylose, is much less branched leading to fluffy rice with separate grains. Lengthy grain white rice usually comprises 19-23% amylose, in response to the US Rice Federation.

Thai Jasmine rice may also be used for fried rice. It turns into barely sticky when cooked as a result of it has a relatively decrease amylose content material than the common white long-grain rice.

How you can put together rice and reserve it for later?

Boil and wash the rice in response to the kind of rice that you just use. After that, swirl it gently in order that the grains preserve their particular person form and don’t create a mushy construction.

It’s best to make use of saved and chilled rice to make fried rice as a result of they dry out a bit throughout refrigeration lowering the probabilities of changing into sticky or mushy when fried.

How you can use or retailer leftover rice?

Retailer any rice leftovers inside 1-2 hours of cooking. Make certain the rice is at room temperature earlier than storing them within the fridge. Starchy meals stored in moist and heat environments favors the expansion of Bacillus cereus, a spore-forming micro organism that trigger food-borne sicknesses and generally contaminates rice and potato.

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How you can cook dinner basmati rice?


Basmati rice must be washed previous to cooking. This step helps take away the starch that retains the rice from sticking when cooked or boiled and offers structural integrity to the person grain. Gently wash the rice for 30 seconds or 1 minute below chilly operating water.

Washing will not be beneficial for every type of rice because it impacts the style and texture of the end-product. Washing the basmati rice additionally removes any stray items of husk or any international particles that may decrease the standard of the completed product.


Basmati rice ought to be boiled for about 10-12 minutes to cook dinner utterly. The quantity of water added to boil the rice is essential. Double the quantity of rice and this will provide you with the quantity of water you want to boil basmati. Including salt to the boiling water retains the rice from sticking.


Serve the rice after draining. You possibly can both serve it usually on the plate or you’ll be able to mildew the rice into the form of a small deep serving dish.

Different FAQs about Rice which you will be all for.

Does raw rice go unhealthy?

Does rice go unhealthy?

How you can make one of the best basmati fried rice?


1 cup basmati rice

Salt to style

1-2 bay leaves

2 Tbsp butter 

3/4 cup chopped tomatoes 

1 Tbsp curry powder 

1 Tbsp minced or grated ginger

1 Tsp chopped hen’s-eye chiles

4 cloves garlic, minced 

2 shallots, minced 

1 cup chunked or flaked smoked white fish (corresponding to cod or haddock)

1 tablespoon olive oil 

2 eggs, frivolously overwhelmed 

Freshly floor black pepper

1/2 cup chopped recent basil

1/2 cup chopped recent cilantro

1/2 cup chopped recent mint

1/2 cup chopped scallions

1/4 cup chopped peanuts 


Wash the basmati rice after which boil them with salt and bay leaves. Refrigerate the boiled rice in a single day.

In a pan, soften butter and add tomatoes, curry powder, ginger, chiles, garlic and shallots and cook dinner. Then add the smoked fish adopted by rice. Unfold the rice and the fish evenly.

When the rice have began to brown from the underside, poke a gap in the midst of the pan.a dd olive oil and cook dinner eggs. Add salt, pepper,  basil, cilantro, mint and scallions and switch off the flame.



On this article, we answered the query “Can I exploit basmati rice for fried rice?”, and easy methods to make one of the best basmati fried-rice?



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