2022 Can I Cook 2 Turkeys At The Same Time?

On this temporary information, we are going to reply the question, “Can I cook dinner 2 turkeys on the identical time?” and can talk about the steps to cook dinner two turkeys within the oven on the identical time.

Can I cook dinner 2 turkeys on the identical time?

Sure, you may cook dinner two turkeys on the identical time. Even for those who cook dinner two turkeys of the identical weight, the roasting time won’t be doubled. The period of time it takes to cook dinner a hen relies on its weight. Be sure that the oven space is giant sufficient to permit for optimum warmth circulation.

However sometimes it’s important to cook dinner two on the identical time in a single oven. The flesh should be ready correctly to ensure it’s moist and scrumptious whereas cooking two turkeys in a single oven, which requires explicit preparations and a cooking methodology.

 The cooking time of two turkeys will depend on a wide range of components, together with the cooking temperature, the turkey’s dimension, and the thickness of the meat. A meat thermometer is probably the most essential software for cooking two turkeys in a single oven, regardless of all of those components.

Steps to cook dinner two turkeys on the identical time

Step 1

Select two turkeys of comparable dimension. Utilizing the identical primary preparations and cooking temperature lets you cook dinner the meals on the identical temperature for roughly the identical period of time.

Step 2

Preheat the oven to 325 levels Fahrenheit.

Step 3

It is best to dry every turkey with a paper towel earlier than placing it on a wire rack inside a roasting pan.

Step 4

Every chook’s wingtips needs to be tucked behind its shoulder. Utilizing this methodology permits the turkeys to be cooked uniformly whereas additionally saving room within the oven.

Step 5

Pour a half cup of water into the underside of every roasting pan, after which set them each within the oven.

Step 6

Each quarter-hour rotate the turkeys’ positions.

Step 7

The turkeys needs to be cooked for a complete of two to 4 hours. In a convection oven, a 10-pound turkey takes round 2 hours to cook dinner, whereas a standard oven requires 3 hours.

Step 8

Utilizing a separate thermometer probe, examine every turkey’s inner temperature by placing it into the deepest a part of the leg. Ensure the probe is within the heart of the meat and isn’t touching any bones earlier than you begin cooking.

Step 9

When the inner temperature of every turkey reaches 165 levels Fahrenheit, take away it from the oven.

Step 10

Earlier than carving, enable the pure fluids within the flesh a minimum of quarter-hour to soak in, making it softer.

Tricks to cook dinner two turkeys on the identical time

Butterball Turkey Speak-Line director Nicole Johnson says two smaller turkeys between 9 and 12 kilos are excellent. When cooking two turkeys in a single oven, preserve these pointers in thoughts:

·         You might want to select the right roasting pan

A shallow roasting pan no deeper than 3 inches is right for a 9 to 12-pound turkey. For every chook, a 13×9 roasting pan ($18, Amazon) needs to be lots. In accordance with Johnson, inserting the turkey side-by-side in a single massive pan with a 1-inch hole between every turkey is the most suitable choice.

·         The roasting time shouldn’t be elevated.

Although you’ll be making ready two turkeys, you don’t need to double the cooking time. Since two 12-pound turkeys take the identical quantity of cooking time at 325°F, you’ll have to roast them for 234 to three hours. A thermometer ($15 at Goal) can be essential. You may inform whether or not your turkey is completed when the thigh registers 175°F and the breast registers 165°F.

Alternate strategies to cook dinner two turkeys

We have already got rather a lot on our plate with Thanksgiving sides and desserts to organize. It’s okay for those who don’t wish to use all of your priceless oven house by cooking two turkeys. Our Check Kitchen advises making an attempt a smoked turkey or a grilled turkey as a Thanksgiving different. For some, cooking turkey within the deep fryer ($80 at The House Depot) is the way in which to go. Electrical roasters might also be used to organize espresso. Cooking further turkey breasts as a substitute of an entire extra chook is the way in which to go if you’d like a bit whiter meat.

Two turkeys are on the menu and you’ve got the chance to get inventive with the way you season and fill them. You may wish to strive a brand new turkey rub or brine. To not point out, don’t neglect to organize extra stuffing and gravy of your favourite type! The turkey could also be frozen when you’ve eaten sufficient leftovers and pumpkin pie, so you may have Thanksgiving on a platter anytime the temper strikes.


On this temporary information, we answered the question, “Can I cook dinner 2 turkeys on the identical time?” and mentioned steps to cook dinner two turkeys within the oven on the identical time.


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