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On this quick article, we’ll reply the query, “Can garlic kill you?”, with an in-depth evaluation of what garlic is, its makes use of of garlic, the well being advantages of garlic, its consumption restrict, dietary prospects, and negative effects.

Can garlic kill you?

No, Garlic cannot kill you. However consuming it in a excessive quantity can result in disagreeable well being circumstances. Garlic is a herb utilized in culinary features, virtually each kitchen comprises a clove of garlic or garlic powder. It’s a staple in most kitchens for a flavorsome expertise.

Garlic in its uncooked type comprises a compound referred to as Allicin, which is especially liable for the pungent odor of garlic. Allicin additionally comprises sulfur in a reasonable quantity. If garlic is consumed in a balanced manner it will probably have quite a few well being advantages but when a sure restrict is exceeded it causes well being dangers of varied ranges.

Garlic is generally sauteed, roasted or fried earlier than including it to any dish, when used on this manner it has a nice aroma and loses most of its foul scent, which is because of the quantity of allicin getting diminished throughout cooking. Uncooked garlic when consumed maintains its odor and results in repulsive breath and if consumed excessively, some well being points as effectively.

What’s garlic?

Garlic is a herb belonging to the genus Allium. It’s discovered within the type of a bulb and is carefully associated to the onion household.

 A recent and uncooked garlic comprises a number of sulfur-containing compounds together with allicin, ajoene, vinyldithiins, diallyl polysulfides, and quite a few non-sulfur enzymes.

As a result of its potent and pungent odor garlic can be referred to as the ‘stinking rose’.

Makes use of of garlic:

Garlic is an ever-present ingredient in all sorts of culinary practices. It’s utilized in recent and powdered type for Italian, Indian, Chinese language, and all sorts of cuisines for its wealthy and fragrant perfume and style. Garlic is both fried, sauteed, roasted, or baked and added to a number of dishes for extra taste.

Well being advantages of garlic:

Garlic is claimed to have many advantages for one’s immune system. In distinction to cooked garlic, which comprises a reasonably low quantity of sulfur-containing compounds, uncooked garlic has far more benefits.

A number of the doable well being advantages embrace;

·         Increase in immunity attributable to many antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals current within the uncooked type

·         Lowers the chance of hypertension and coronary heart ailments

·         Improves blood sugar stage

·         Lowers the ldl cholesterol stage

·         Detoxing of metals within the blood attributable to a excessive stage of sulfur

·         In some cultures, it is usually used within the remedy of chilly and blocked sinuses

·         Anti-oxidants current in garlic are useful for neural well being and helps with dementia and Alzheimer’s ailments.

·         It additionally has anti-thrombotic properties

Dietary composition:

Dietary worth of a uncooked garlic per 100 g contains;

·         Vitality                    149 kcal

·         Carbohydrates        33.06 g

·         Fats                           0.5 g

·         Protein                     6.36 g

·         Dietary fiber             0.2 g

·         Magnesium              0.25 g

·         Calcium                  181 mg

·         Potassium                402 mg

·         Water                       59 g

·         Iron                          1.7 mg

·         Phosphorus             153 mg

Consumption Restrict:

Consuming 2-3 cloves of garlic per day is secure for well being, and it has many well being advantages. Exceeding that quantity results in extreme quantities of sulfur-containing substances within the blood which causes many well being hazards.

Disadvantages of extreme garlic utilization:

Consuming garlic greater than the beneficial amount can result in quite a few potential well being dangers which if extended can cut back the life high quality. Following are just a few of the negative effects of an excessive amount of garlic consumption

·         Could cause liver toxicity due to excessive anti-oxidant properties. It could possibly additionally trigger partial liver harm however in secure dosage, it’s good for liver well being.

·         Garlic causes dangerous and repugnant physique odor and foul breath. Mouth refreshing sprays, mints, and deodorants are an answer to this.

·         It could possibly improve the chance of bleeding due to the anti-thrombotic properties, thus it reduces the flexibility of the physique to type blood clots.

·         If consumed on an empty abdomen garlic is thought to trigger nausea and vomiting

·         In some people, garlic can be identified to trigger heartburn, it might be due to the excessive quantity of sulfur compounds

·         Garlic can be identified for inflicting digestive points equivalent to bloating, gasoline, and diarrhea. It could be due to fructans, which is current abundantly in garlic and performs a serious function in gasoline and bloating.

·         Extended interplay of garlic might trigger rashes and redness.


On this quick article, now we have answered the query, “Can garlic kill you?”, with an in-depth evaluation of garlic, its makes use of in day after day life, its well being advantages of garlic, its dietary profile, consumption restrict, and the negative effects on well being with extreme utilization of garlic.

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