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On this brief article, we’ll present a solution to the query “can bunnies eat watermelon?” and the dietary data of watermelon for bunnies.

Can bunnies eat watermelon?

Sure, bunnies can eat watermelon. Watermelon is a scrumptious deal with for bunnies. Buy seedless natural watermelons to make issues simpler on each you and your rabbit, and prohibit feedings to a few times every week to make issues extra manageable for each of you.

What watermelon ought to I give my rabbit?

As a result of watermelon is extra fluid than different candy treats, it’s possible you’ll feed it to your rabbit in bigger portions than you’ll with different candy treats. The occasional deal with of some 1-inch cubes could also be enough for small rabbits; bigger rabbits might be able to ingest 12 cubes every cup with out establishing a sugar dependancy.

Watermelon Varieties for Rabbits to Eat

When it’s doable, it’s best to present your rabbit with natural seedless watermelons each time doable. Consequently, your rabbit might be utterly protected: the rind is devoid of pesticides and waxes, and the shortage of seeds avoids gastrointestinal issues. Throughout the summer time, we significantly just like the seedless watermelons which might be obtainable in “private measurement”: attempt serving one along with your rabbit!

Detailed Dietary Data on Watermelon

Based on Nutritionvalue.org, watermelon is a nutrient-deficient meals as a result of it lacks the next vitamins: When it comes to composition, it’s nearly fully comprised of sugars and water and contains about 89 % carbohydrates (with little or no fiber), 7 % protein, and 4% fats. It’s a really watery fruit that appears to be devoid of nutritional vitamins and minerals, in line with the label.

The Well being Advantages of Watermelon and the Dangerous Results of Watermelon on Rabbits

Watermelons will not be useful to the well being of rabbits; their low dietary worth and excessive sugar content material make them a deal with that ought to be served solely carefully to maintain rabbits wholesome. Rabbits, in contrast to people, can ingest the pores and skin of watermelon, which has a considerable quantity of nutritious fiber that isn’t current in different candy treats for rabbits.

Watermelon for Rabbits: What to Feed Them?

It’s possible you’ll feed your rabbit entire natural watermelon since it’s devoid of pesticides and waxes. It’s also protected so that you can feed them the rind of the watermelon. Watermelon seeds will not be appropriate for rabbit consumption, and this should be remembered always! Due to the gentle toxicity of watermelon seeds, it’s best to both purchase seedless watermelons or take some time to chop and de-seed any watermelon you wish to feed your rabbit.

Watermelon has been proven to have unfavorable results on rabbits.

Thus far, watermelon appears to be a miraculous fruit, don’t you suppose?

Sadly, there are a number of drawbacks to feeding watermelon to your rabbit. Amongst them are:

  • One other disadvantage, which we talked about briefly beforehand, is that watermelon seeds are poisonous to rabbits when consumed in giant quantities, and due to their measurement, they represent a choking hazard.
  • One other disadvantage of watermelon is that it has a major quantity of sugar. This may occasionally appear little, but it’s important to rabbits’ survival.
  • Rabbits, in distinction to people, wouldn’t have peristalsis, which is the continuous motion of the abdomen. This means that they make important use of fiber to help within the digestion of the meals they devour. Take into accounts the truth that rabbits in good well being want loads of hay.
  • Not solely is a high-sugar meal (equivalent to watermelon) troublesome for rabbits to digest, however it could additionally alter the pH degree of their abdomen. Flatulence, bloating, and diarrhea are all doable unintended effects. It was a tense assembly, to say the least!
  • Due to the well-known fragility of rabbit stomachs, new meals ought to at all times be launched slowly and with warning.
  • Moreover, even when your rabbit has beforehand tolerated watermelon, consuming an extreme quantity of it could trigger gastrointestinal discomfort. The commonest facet impact of excessive sugar is free feces, due to this fact remember to examine your rabbit’s feces frequently to make sure it’s in wonderful well being.
  • Weight problems, diabetes, and tooth decay are all doable penalties of extreme sugar consumption. Moreover, rabbits which might be fed an extreme amount of fruit usually tend to reject to eat their common weight loss program.

Notice: We recognize you taking the time to learn this! We hope that this text has helped to clear up any misconceptions about feeding watermelon to rabbits. A number of extra rabbit-safe candy snacks could also be found on our web sites on blueberries and strawberries.


On this brief article, we offered a solution to the query “can bunnies eat watermelon?” and the dietary data of watermelon for bunnies.

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