2022 Benefits Of Corn Tortillas – The Whole Portion

On this transient information, we’ll focus on the advantages of utilizing corn tortillas and can focus on the potential distinction between flour and corn tortillas.

Advantages of corn tortillas

Corn tortillas have fewer energy, fats content material, carbs, and are usually increased in fiber than flour tortillas. This means that in case you’re attempting to eat higher and reduce the place possible, switching to corn tortillas should still let you obtain your weekly repair of Mexican meals. Mi Rancho has constructed a fame through the years for producing high-quality maize tortillas utilizing an historic methodology referred to as nixtamalization.

Cooking total corn kernels in water and lime is what this methodology entails. This cooked corn, referred to as nixtamal, is crushed into recent masa to make our delectable tortillas. We’ve made a film that walks you thru the 12-hour course of from starting to finish, which you’re certain to understand. This time-consuming method pays off in the long run, producing tortillas with a definite texture and taste that milled corn flour and water merely can’t match.

Distinction between corn & flour tortillas?

Tortillas are skinny flatbreads which can be usually ready from maize or wheat flour. Their recognition has grown in the US, as has the variety of health-focused decisions. They’re a standard ingredient in Mexican cooking. Corn tortillas had been historically handed down from the Aztecs, however flour tortillas had been invented after Spaniards launched wheat to Mexico. Each sorts are manufactured in considerably other ways.


Historically, maize tortillas are made utilizing a course of referred to as nixtamalization. It entails boiling maize, or corn, in an alkaline answer of calcium hydroxide, or limewater. Masa, or maize dough, is made by stone-grinding corn kernels. Tortillas are made by shaping this, flattening it into skinny discs, then baking it.

Nearly all of maize tortillas offered in shops are the results of an industrial nixtamalization course of that employs a mill. Whereas conventional tortillas are made fully of maize, mass-produced variations could also be ready from dried corn flour, or masa harina, with a small quantity of wheat flour combined in.

 Nixtamalization is an important course of that improves the dietary profile of maize tortillas. It was previously utilized by the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Right now, this methodology has been modified for larger-scale operations using dried and recent masa flours. Flour tortillas, then again, are usually fashioned from a dough of refined wheat flour, water, shortening or lard, salt, baking soda, and different components to assist the gluten develop.

Profile of vitamins

Corn and flour tortillas have diverse dietary profiles because of their numerous elements. Right here’s a dietary breakdown of 1 large corn tortilla (44 grams) versus one medium wheat tortilla (45 grams). Corn tortillas are excessive in fiber and magnesium. Fiber is crucial for digestion and coronary heart well being, whereas magnesium is crucial in your mind, coronary heart, and muscle groups.

Based on research, many individuals in the US don’t acquire sufficient of those important vitamins. Corn tortillas are additionally a whole grain and have fewer carbohydrates, energy, and fats than wheat tortillas. As a result of flour tortillas are usually ready with lard or shortening, they include extra fats. Nonetheless, they offer extra iron, which your physique must successfully present oxygen to your muscle groups and different cells.

What’s a more healthy alternative?

 Because the more healthy various, corn tortillas usually outperform wheat tortillas.

Grain (complete)

Corn flour is classed as a cereal grain. This means that every corn tortilla made fully of maize has one hundred pc complete grains. Complete grains embrace extra fiber, which is sweet in your coronary heart and digestive system. It’s price mentioning that whole-wheat tortillas embrace some complete grains, though the quantity varies relying on the mix.


Flour tortillas are manufactured from wheat, which incorporates gluten — a phrase that refers to a wide range of proteins present in grains resembling wheat, barley, and rye. It is best to keep away from gluten and flour tortillas you probably have a wheat allergy, celiac illness, or gluten intolerance or sensitivity. When you’ve got any of those issues, 100% corn tortillas are your greatest wager as a result of they’re gluten-free. Celiac illness is an autoimmune response to gluten that damages the digestive tract. In consequence, individuals with celiac illness ought to keep away from wheat tortillas in favor of one hundred pc corn tortillas

Portion administration

Corn tortillas are sometimes smaller in diameter, with a typical tortilla being round 6 inches in diameter (15 cm). Flour tortillas are sometimes greater, measuring 8–10 inches (20–25 cm). Corn tortillas, due to this fact, provide built-in portion management. If you happen to go to actual taco eating places, understand that one taco is often constructed with a double layer of corn tortillas.

 This boosts the calorie, carbohydrate, and fats content material whereas making the taco sturdier and extra satisfying. Flour tortillas are extra sturdy, which is why they’re usually used for dishes with extra contents, resembling burritos. In case your recipe requires a flour tortilla, select a whole-wheat sort.


On this transient information, we’ll focus on the advantages of utilizing corn tortillas and can focus on the potential distinction between flour and corn tortillas.

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