2022 Are Yellow Potatoes The Same As Yukon Gold?

On this transient information, we are going to reply the question “Are yellow potatoes the identical as Yukon gold?” and talk about in what methods yellow potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes are comparable.

Are yellow potatoes the identical as Yukon gold?

Sure, yellow potatoes are the identical as Yukon gold.

They’re steadily interchanged. Yukon gold potatoes are a form of golden potato. They had been created within the nation of Canada. In Canada, you’ll undoubtedly discover them on store cabinets, nonetheless, it could be seasonal relying on the place you reside.

 My native grocery shops not have Yukon Gold potatoes since I relocated to a brand new place six months in the past. and questioned in the event that they had been regarded the identical or in the event that they had been totally totally different. The feel is a tad “more durable” than Yukon Gold potatoes, however in any other case, they look like very comparable.

What are Yukon gold potatoes?

Yellow-tinged flesh and skinny, easy, eye-free pores and skin distinguish Yukon Gold from different huge potato cultivars. Garnet (“Gary”) Johnston created this potato within the Sixties. Yukon Gold potatoes are distinguished by their golden-coloured flesh that’s flavorful, crisp, and juicy. Yukon Gold potatoes even have a average starch content material, falling between starchy and waxy potatoes, making them fairly versatile within the kitchen. There are two types of potatoes: starchy and waxy.

As a result of Yukon Gold potatoes are a mix of starchy and waxy potatoes, different potato sorts will be substituted in equal quantities. It’s additionally value noting that not the entire potato cultivars on this record are as adaptable as Yukon Gold. Consequently, when selecting an alternative to them, you will need to first select the way you need to cook dinner the potatoes, then select the acceptable different from the record based mostly on the strategy of cooking and use them in equal portions as essential by the recipe.

You probably have a recipe that asks for Yukon Gold potatoes however doesn’t have any, the next potato sorts can be utilized as an alternative:

·         Carola Potatoes

Carola potatoes are probably the most carefully associated form of potato to Yukon Gold potatoes when it comes to texture and taste. They’ve a conventional potato style with earthy and buttery undertones. In addition they function yellow meat and yellow pores and skin with a powerful, creamy, waxy really feel. Yukon Gold Potatoes have the same look. As an alternative to Yukon Gold potatoes, they’re fantastic for grilling and roasting in addition to for casseroles, gratins, steak fries, and potato salads. Nevertheless, they don’t work properly in soups.

·         Russet Potatoes

Idaho potatoes, typically often called Russet potatoes, are a well-liked potato sort. They’ve an enormous dimension and darkish brown pores and skin, with whitish, dry, and mealy meat. In addition they have a fragile texture and a impartial potato style. As a alternative for Yukon Gold potatoes, they’ll work properly when baked, mashed, or used to make French fries. Potatoes is not going to maintain their form when utilized in potato salads, gratins, or some other dish that requires Yukon Gold Potatoes.

·         Purple Bliss Potatoes

Purple Bliss potatoes have a skinny crimson exterior and creamy to white, thick meat. Moisture and waxiness characterize the feel. Whereas Yukon potatoes differ in look from Purple Bliss potatoes, they’ve a comparable taste and texture and could also be changed for each other. Purple Bliss potatoes can be utilized in soups, stews, boiling, roasting, potato salad, and casseroles instead of Yukon Gold potatoes. Purple Bliss potatoes, however, will not be suited to mashing.

·         Katahdin Potatoes

Katahdin potatoes function easy pores and skin, yellowish meat, and a conventional potato taste, corresponding to Yukon Gold potatoes. They might be used as an alternative to Yukon Gold potatoes in boiling, baking, and creating French fries. They don’t, nonetheless, carry out properly as an alternative to Yukon Gold potatoes in any recipe that requires the potatoes to retain their form, comparable to potato salad.

·         Inca Gold Potatoes

Inca Gold potatoes have a golden exterior, yellow meat, and are formed like spherical dumplings. In addition they have a definite earthy and buttery taste, in addition to a creamy, easy texture. Inca Gold potatoes can be utilized instead of Yukon Gold potatoes in roasting, mashing, boiling, potato salads, casseroles, and gratins. In soups, Inca Gold potatoes shouldn’t be substituted with Yukon Gold potatoes.

·         Fingerlings Potatoes

A fingerling potato is a form of potato that’s tiny, stubby, and finger-shaped. They’re distinct due to their skinny pores and skin, creamy meat, buttery style, and barely candy taste. They might be used instead of Yukon Gold potatoes for boiling, baking, roasting, and making potato salads. Fingerlings shouldn’t be used instead of Yukon Gold potatoes in soups since they may lose their kind.


On this transient information, we answered the question “Are yellow potatoes the identical as Yukon gold?” and mentioned in what methods yellow potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes are comparable.

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