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On this transient article, we’re going to reply the query, “are mason jars oven-safe?” and give you insights on how you need to use mason jars to boost storage functionality with ensured security. 

Are mason jars oven-safe?

No, mason jars basically should not oven secure. Since they’re typically fabricated from tempered glass, they’ve a comparatively decrease melting level and may simply shatter upon dry heating.

What’s tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a kind of glass that’s made by heating the conventional glass o a really excessive temperature of about 600 to 700 levels celsius after which quickly cooling it.

This “tempering” ensures that if the glass breaks, it won’t lead to many sharp items which might probably be very dangerous, it would fairly shatter into smaller items that aren’t very sharp.

Due to this fact, many glass cooking utensils are made up of tempered glass fairly than regular glass. It’s safer to make use of kitchenware fabricated from tempered glass.

What are mason jars fabricated from?

Mason jars are sometimes made up of tempered glass. It nonetheless is determined by the corporate and the kind of glass they use, however typically, the principle sort of glass utilized in them is tempered. 

It’s because mason jars are usually used to retailer home items both at room temperature or slightly heat or considerably chilly temperatures. 

What are mason jars used for?

Mason jars are used for storage. This contains the storage of the next varieties of gadgets:

  • Herbs and spices
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Chilli oil or different varieties of oils
  • Pickles
  • And lots of extra.

The above talked about are simply the makes use of of mason jars by way of kitchen use. They can be utilized for all types of bijou storage and DIY merchandise at residence.

Why are mason jars not oven-safe?

Mason jars, regardless that fabricated from tempered glass, do are likely to have totally different breaking factors and totally different reactions to warmth.

Dry heating may be very dangerous to the jar since it may break whereas it’s being heated. Whereas, some can face up to boiling liquids. 

Analysis. Glass, like most solids, expands when it’s heated and contracts when it’s cooled. However, the heating and cooling course of cannot be to a degree the place the fabric cannot face up to the extremity of the temperature and must be uniform. 

If the uniformity of the heating or cooling course of is someway damaged, it may trigger the glass to enter a thermal shock and subsequently, crack.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to put it within the microwave for a small period of time simply to warmth one thing up and that won’t trigger the glass to crack. 

For instance, when a jam is made, it’s put into mason jars whereas it’s boiling sizzling after which it’s left to chill. 

However to make sure that the jars won’t crack, it’s suggested to maintain sizzling water within the jar beforehand after which dump it out and place the jam in it in order that the jar is already warmed up earlier than being crammed with one thing of a better temperature.

Whenever you put mason jars in an oven, they aren’t beforehand heated and therefore, extra weak to larger temperatures.

The extra the encircling is heated up, the extra seemingly it’s for a dry mason jar to crack and even fully shatter.

This was once an outdated age technique that individuals used to do within the early 1900s 

This technique was referred to as “oven canning”. It’s a course of wherein individuals warmth mason jars crammed with meals gadgets up within the oven.

To begin with, this technique places the jars at a excessive danger of being cracked and probably ruining the foodstuff inside.

Secondly, this technique fails to evenly distribute the warmth contained in the jar. Oftentimes, the center of the jar fails to warmth up within the allotted secure heating time. 

This causes the meals to not have the required temperature and it cannot be additional heated generally when the warmth makes the perimeters of the jar a bit too sizzling.

The above-mentioned issues are a giant deciding issue within the strategy of “oven canning” being discredited and nearly fully eradicated from the heating practices.


On this transient article, we answered the query, “are mason jars oven-safe?” and offered you with insights on how you need to use mason jars to boost storage functionality with ensured security. 

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